Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy recount their relationship’s wild ride, including the moment in the future when they accidentally saved the world.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for DC: Love Is A Battlefield # 1, “The Beginning” by Tim Seeley and Rebekah Isaacs

DC Comics just released their huge 80-page Valentine’s Day anthology special edition. Noble DC: love is a battlefield, The number serves as a collection of stories featuring various notable romances in the DC Universe, including the love shared between Harley quinn Y Poison Ivy. In the story titled “The Beginning,” Harley and Ivy recount the full extent of their relationship: the past, the present, and even the future. The future of their relationship is of course incredibly interesting, especially when they look back on the entire DC Crisis that they avoided as they accidentally saved the world with their shared antics and romance.

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Harley and Ivy share the role of storyteller in this story, reminding each other of all the good times they’ve had, coming from a time far in the future when they reached old age together. Naturally, their time together began in Arkham Asylum, when Harley’s obsession with the Joker had just started to manifest itself, without having yet turned into a total mania in which she became his girlfriend. As time passed, they would become friends, and Poison Ivy was the person Harley turned to when she and Joker finally broke up. Eventually, their romance would begin in earnest as seen in the DC Universe present day, and the pair have gotten into all sorts of trouble (to Batman’s aggravation).

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However, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn together tell a shared memory that is very interesting in the story of writer Tim Seeley with art by Rebekah Isaacs. Apparently an event known as the Ultimate Crisis will occur sometime in DC’s near future as a final battle between good and evil, seeing various villains band together and calling themselves the Lords of Injustice. While Harley and Ivy remember joining them, it was only because Ivy wanted to steal some water from Lazarus Pit from Ra’s al Ghul. That’s when they saved the world, completely ruining the Injustice Lords plans by accident thanks to Harley.


The fact that there was a complete DC crisis averted thanks to Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn is nothing short of hilarious and incredible at the same time. If it weren’t for them, the Justice League would have had to deal with resurrected versions of Darkseid, Superboy Prime, Overmonitor, and even The Batman Who Laughs. An alliance of villains like that would have caused incalculable damage and destruction. Had they been resurrected as they were apparently supposed to, it’s safe to say that the heroes of the DC Universe might not have survived the encounter.

Additionally, Harley and Ivy continue to gift readers with more of their future exploits, including Ivy finally forming an alliance with Batman to save the world, as well as some kind of undisclosed interaction they had with Nightwing that made him blush. Eventually, it is revealed that the couple are looking back on their life together as Harley nears the end of theirs, but Ivy reveals that she made seeds that would allow them both to be reborn together as plants, allowing their love to endure beyond their deaths. . . While this is very moving, Harley / Ivy fans shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that the pair managed to avoid a full DC crisis inadvertently seems pretty solid proof that Poison Ivy Y Harley quinn they were destined to be together in DC Comics from the beginning and into the future.

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