There are many more topics in the Harry Potter series that only magic, as the story shows everything from loss, happiness and adventure to betrayal. Treacherous acts here have ranged in intensity, from those that damaged relationships to others that resulted in the loss of people’s lives.

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Since there are seven books of stories, there were also quite a few betrayals that took place. However, some are worse than others and these should be pointed out to clarify the extent of the damage caused by the betrayals in terms of impact. Among them are the betrayals committed by both antagonists and protagonists, with special importance to their consequences.

10 Harry’s abandonment by Ron

This also counts as one of the most heartbreaking separations in the series, as Ron drifted away from his friends. It’s a betrayal of trust, as Harry had never considered that Ron would ever return his words and accuse him of misleading them.

Ron claimed that Harry was the one putting his family at risk and that it was because of him that he and Hermione were stranded in the clueless forest. His abandonment shattered Harry’s spirit, as all his fears were confirmed as he also lost his best friend in the process.

9 Xenophilius Lovegood’s attempt to deliver the trio to the Death Eaters

The trio did not believe that Xenophilius was a threat, having strongly supported Harry for years. To this end, they approached him for help on the Deathly Hallows, which Xenophilius ended up using as cover for his betrayal.

Hoping to get Luna back after she was taken for her pro-Harry Potter ideals, Xenophilius crawled into the Deathly Hallows story long enough for the Death Eaters to arrive. They would have captured Harry had it not been for Hermione’s quick thinking, which means that Xenophilius almost sold the Wizard World’s greatest hope.

8 Griphook letting the trio die in the vault

Harry Potter in the Gringotts Vault

Not many are likely to be aware of the facts of the Goblin Rebellion, but Griphook never forgot his bias against wizards and had planned his betrayal in advance. After leading the trio to the Gringotts vault, he immediately turned towards them hooking the Sword of Gryffindor.

Worse still, he sounded the alarms and brought safety to Harry and his friends in hopes that they would die, as he did not appreciate the fact that his life had been saved at Malfoy Manor.

7 Marietta Edgecombe revealing the existence of the DA

Delores Umbridge breaks into the space of requirements

Umbridge is far from the best employee in the Ministry of Magic, although Marietta certainly seemed to regard her as such. A reluctant part of the district attorney betrayed the entire group by revealing their location and would have said it all if Hermione’s curse hadn’t worked.

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It was due to Marietta’s betrayal that Dumbledore was expelled from Hogwarts, while Harry would have been expelled had it not been for Marietta’s fear that his curse would get worse. She went so far as to betray her best friend, Cho, making this a terrible move on her part.

6 Karkaroff selling the Death Eaters

After Voldemort’s supposed disappearance, Karkaroff was the only Death Eater who no longer wanted to have anything to do with the faction. To this end, he set about naming each and every Death Eater involved, causing many of these people to enter Azkaban, including Voldemort’s greatest generals at Bellatrix Lestrange and Antonin Dolohov.

He sold the name of whoever he knew in exchange for being forgiven for his own crimes, which he achieved but paid for with his life when Voldemort returned to power and the Death Eaters killed him for his betrayal.

5 Kreacher preparing the disappearance of Sirius

Sirius never had kind words for Kracher, even abusing him by calling him names and being completely cruel. Kreacher’s loyalty remained in the House of Black, but he was happy to betray this particular member of the family for the former Bellatrix Black.

Kreacher surrendered whatever information he wasn’t magically linked to, which was enough for Voldemort to know that Sirius was the person Harry loved the most. This allowed him to lure Harry, and therefore Sirius, to the Ministry where the latter found his disappearance. As far as Kreacher is concerned, this betrayal was cause for celebration, as he was delighted when Harry confronted him.

4 Regulus stealing Voldemort’s Horcrux

There is a possibility that young Voldemort’s story will be explored in Fantastic beasts 3, which could show your acquisition of the locket. Regardless, Voldemort took possession of it and used Kreacher to test the potion it was hidden under.

After discovering that his beloved elf was left to die, Regulus decided to betray Voldemort by going to the cave and retrieving the locket. He ended up dying, but Regulus’s betrayal ensured that Harry would one day find the locket through Kreacher’s information and be one step close to ending Voldemort’s life.

3 Narcissa Malfoy lies to Voldemort about Harry’s alleged disappearance

The only redeeming factor for the Malfoys is that Narcissa proved to be a loving mother. He had come to despise Voldemort at the time of the Battle of Hogwarts, as he saw that his son’s life was threatened due to Voldemort’s attack on the school.

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Despite discovering that Harry was still alive, she announced him dead to Voldemort in the forest. The only thing dead at that time was his loyalty to Voldemort, as his betrayal ensured that Harry performed the act of his death long enough to get to the school and have the climactic shock that led to Voldemort’s own death.

2 Snape being a triple agent against Voldemort

There were a number of things that Voldemort was right about, but he was very wrong about the Snape thing. Voldemort put much more faith in Snape than in other Death Eaters, to the point where he shared all of his plans and tactics with him.

This came back to haunt him as it turned out that Snape was a triple agent who was actually on Dumbledore’s side and told the latter of all of Voldemort’s plans. It was this betrayal that allowed Harry to win the war, and its intensity remains extreme even though it worked in the heroes’ favor, as it was an act that no one thought could be possible.

one Peter Pettigrew selling his best friend

This isn’t one of the friendships only book fans know, as Pettigrew was one of James Potter’s best friends in the world. This was to the point where he entrusted not only his own, but also the lives of his wife and son, as he was appointed Secret Guardian of their location.

This turned out to be the biggest mistake of all time, as Pettigrew instantly betrayed James by revealing his location to Voldemort, who arrived to take the Potters’ lives. This betrayal took the most damage in the series as it made Harry an orphan, sealed Sirius in Azkaban for twelve years, and led to all the deaths shown in the future when the Wizarding War resumes.

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