Vibranium has been important to the MCU. Black Panther 2 could go a step further by exploring how metal could take a villainous turn in Phase 4.

Black panther 2 could usher in the least likely villain of Phase Four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Vibranium has played a major role in the MCU thus far. As a resource, it was confirmed that the powerful metal had landed centuries ago on Earth via a meteorite in Black Panther. Wakanda, the titular character’s home nation, was subsequently built in and around the vibranium, and the country mined it for use in suits and shields, advanced technology, medical aid, and much more. However, the events of Avengers: Infinity War It may have disrupted this natural flow, and vibranium may become the next viable threat.

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One could argue that vibranium has been the backbone of the MCU movies. Without it, superheroes wouldn’t be as powerful as they are: Captain America’s shield would have been far less useful, Vision wouldn’t have been created, and Black Panther wouldn’t have had the power of the nearly indestructible resource flowing through it. His suit. However, after Black Panther decided to share Wakanda’s resources with other countries after the first movie, there is a possibility that Black panther 2 will deal with the repercussions of that choice. In addition, the events of Infinity war It could cause vibranium poisoning, turning the metal from something useful into something very threatening.

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Wakanda’s vibranium stock was probably mined much faster than usual to infuse the warriors’ weapons with it to better fight Thanos and his army in the movie. It is possible that the speed and artificial way in which the metal was mined makes vibranium a risk to the safety of the remaining population of the world. With T’Challa and Shuri dusted off after Thanos’ snap Infinity war, there would also be no one to immediately supervise the handling of the vibranium. This could probably cause the metal to become unstable. After all, it takes centuries of carefully selected processes and experimentation to use vibranium the right way and it could all fall apart if mishandled.

It is also possible that rapid and excessive use of vibranium in Infinity war it will lead to the metal becoming radioactive. In the comics, radioactive vibranium had horrible effects on people who came into contact with it. Reports from Wakandan suggest that those who made direct contact turned into demon spirits who turned rebellious and hurt their loved ones. There is also the case of the Wakanda white tigers, which were previously human. They were permanently changed by the effect of radioactive vibranium. The short-lived superhero Vibrania was experimented with using radioactive vibranium. She had the power to fire blasts of vibranium that could bring down entire buildings.

Should Black panther 2 explore what happened to the vibranium after Infinity war, it could be revealed that the world was affected by the disrupted vibranium mining process. If that ultimately leads to radioactive vibranium empowering people and being exploited, used insecurely and in experimentation, it could wreak all sorts of havoc on the world. Only time will tell what will happen, but vibranium as an unexpected villain would certainly be an intriguing way to tackle the aftermath of Infinity war.

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