With Disney + Loki involved in time travel, there is a chance for him to be both a villain and a hero in Phase 5 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Loki could simultaneously end up being the greatest villain and greatest hero in the world. Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase five. Loki had a full circle arc during the first four phases of the MCU. He went from being Thor’s devious scheming brother and the Avengers nemesis to someone who was willing to sacrifice his own life for Thanos, who is someone Loki had previously made a deal with, to save Thor in Avengers: Infinity War. The Disney + series Loki It is expected that he will introduce different versions of the character across the multiverse and set a whole new path for the cheater god.

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the Loki The series is already a departure from the character’s original story. In Avengers Endgame, an older version of Loki (circa 2012 the Avengers) stole the Avengers Tesseract and disappeared from sight. In the trailer for the Disney + show, it is revealed that he ended up on another plane of existence, and the Tesseract presumably sent him to a new location that put him in the direct path of the Time Variance Authority, an organization tasked with monitoring the timeline. . . Loki It has been confirmed to be a time travel story, with rumors that Richard E. Grant and Sophia Di Martino will play Old Loki and Lady Loki, respectively.

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Knowing that this version of Loki will be the one that hasn’t been reformed yet means that he could still be evil on the show. It’s basically like having a reset button on character, and the series potentially goes back to the days when Loki was constantly doing no good. The first footage of the show seems to indicate this. With the power of the Tesseract and the knowledge that other timelines exist, Loki could continue to plan nefarious schemes to gain power and control over the timeline itself.

Loki TV Show Preview

It may even pick up where it left off at the Avengers in an attempt to become the supreme ruler of Earth, a plan that was effectively foiled by the film’s titular superheroes. Fans are already confident that this is the case and this iteration of Loki would allow him to become one of the MCU’s best villains in Phase Five, as he had originally planned before the cheat god’s change of mind. The show’s use of different timelines essentially frees the character to be bad while keeping the original timeline of events until Endgame.

With the possibility of multiple Lokis, the Disney + series could counter the evil Loki with a more heroic version of him. In the comics, the character is reincarnated as Kid Loki, a younger version who lost his abilities after his death in Asgard’s Asgard. Kid Loki is certainly not much of a villain, although he maintains many of his mischievous traits. However, Kid Loki is arguably far more heroic than any version of the adult Loki and was even briefly a member of the Young Avengers.

Taking into account that Loki creates an alternate timeline, it is speculated that Kid Loki will be part of the show. Your presentation could be a great way to show the duality of Loki’s identity. After all, a big part of the Kid Loki arc in the comics is about evolving into a better person – a huge difference from his adult counterpart. The cheater god might learn a few things from his younger self and Loki presents the best opportunity to explore both characters before potentially taking them into Phase Five of the MCU.

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