The Hotel Cecil docuseries reveal the hotel’s link to the notorious 1980s serial killer Richard Ramirez. Here is The Night Stalker link, explained.

The latest Netflix documentary, Crime Scene: The Disappearance at Hotel Cecil has a connection with The night stalker. Crime scene focuses on the strange case of Elisa Lam, 21, who disappeared in the middle of a trip to Los Angeles. Elisa disappeared while staying at the Cecil Hotel, which is known for its history of being the center stage for some of the most gruesome crimes in Los Angeles. While the details of the Elisa Lam case are disturbing enough for viewers, the documentary revealed the hotel’s link to serial killer Richard Ramirez, also known as The Night Stalker.

Ramírez is the central figure in another Netflix documentary series, Night Stalker: Hunt for a Serial Killer, which tells how one of the most infamous serial killers in history was hunted down and brought to justice. The Night Stalker terrorized the residents of Greater Los Angeles in the 1980s, having participated in a wave of burglary and murder crimes of an unspeakably cruel nature. Arrested in 1985, Ramírez was convicted of thirteen counts of murder, eleven sexual assaults, and fourteen robberies in total.

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Crime Scene: The Disappearance at Hotel Cecil reveals that Ramirez stayed at the hotel in question during his reign of terror, prowling the hallways at night before venturing outside. Due to the fact that the Cecil is a budget hotel for travelers, shrouded in notoriety due to its long and bloody past, it became a nexus for criminals to hide, especially serial killers like Ramírez, who wished to go unnoticed while They operated covertly. For Sun, historian Richard Schave claims that Ramírez was known to “walking in your bloodstained underwear, barefoot, to your floor and into your bedroom“repeatedly. This has also been corroborated by former hotel employees and eyewitness reports, pointing to the fact that rapists and murderers were paying $ 14 a night at the Cecil, where they would return, often bloodied, after their terrifying and heinous nightly murder routines.

The Night Stalker was also seen regularly in the surrounding Skid Row area during that time and had reportedly been checking into the hotel for several weeks in July and August 1985, shortly before his arrest. However, Ramírez was not the only serial killer who made fun of Cecil. Not long after, serial killer Jack Unterwger stayed at the Cecil in the summer of 1991 after his previous prison sentence for murder that had been interrupted due to the belief that he had undergone successful criminal rehabilitation. In addition to being the site of murders and other criminal activities, the Cecil Hotel was reportedly where aspiring American actress Elizabeth Short, known posthumously as Black Dahlia, was spotted days before her gruesome and still unsolved murder.

Due to the infamous and long-standing reputation of the Hotel Cecil, and its ties to serial killers like The Night Stalker, the strange circumstances surrounding the Elisa Lam case came under intense public scrutiny, due to the possible involvement of a game. dirty. While it has been officially stated that Elisa died due to an accidental drowning in the middle of a manic episode, the hotel’s dark and mysterious past haunts the inexplicable details of her case. This aspect is explored in great detail in Crime Scene: The Disappearance at Hotel Cecil, who tries to watch from all the angles, criminal or not, surrounding his tragic death. Due to his infamous reputation, the Cecil has been the subject of numerous true crime documentaries, as well as being the inspiration for American Horror Story: Hotel.

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