With a unique atmosphere, weird enemies, and all the concrete buildings you can handle, HROT is a new retro shooter worth checking out.

Recently released as the first in a series of episodes, APPENDIX is a brand new standalone single player first person shooter game that instantly introduces itself as one of the most entertaining new entries in the retro style shooter genre, which has become prevalent in recent years. Developed and published by Spythinev, APPENDIX Czechoslovakia is established in 1986 during the era of Soviet control over the country.

After an unspecified disaster, one that hints at a Chernobyl-like emergency, players must navigate the drab but interesting world of 1980s Soviet-era architecture and hostile environments filled with increasingly strange and unique enemies in this world. fast paced shooter game.

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Described as a game that takes place in “dark and terrifying times” in the game’s Steam page, APPENDIX lives up to this description by launching strange enemies at the player without abandon. Enemies such as hazmat-clad authorities, shotgun authorities, biomechanical floating heads, and even a horse in a gas mask make the game feel weird and hilarious, while still feeling true to the dark nature of the game. environment. APPENDIX does an excellent job mixing horror with ironic humor. For example, after completing the first episode, the game offers players a recipe for the beef stroganoff.

Wise gameplay APPENDIX offers fast-paced, solid shooting with a variety of great weaponry at the player’s disposal. Players can use a rough-looking Soviet-style submachine gun, a powerful pump-action shotgun, a rocket launcher, and two Russian Makarov-style pistols, which are launched into the air for an immensely satisfying reload animation.

The world of APPENDIX maintains its retro theme in the level of interactivity it provides to gamers. Players can flip switches, flush toilets, and interact with the environment in fun ways that go back to the days when those things were new and novel in games like Duke Nukem 3D Y Half life. APPENDIX allows players to shoot lights, interact with phones, and look through security cameras. This level of interactivity only makes APPENDIX they seem more dedicated to their retro aesthetic.

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APPENDIXThe level designs are also unique. APPENDIX It features rather dull geometry at first glance, but the way it faithfully recreates the concrete utilitarian structures that can be found in so many Soviet-era cities makes it feel even more real. Players will navigate a huge apartment block, a subway with moving trains, and a particularly dirty sewer system, among others. APPENDIXThe subtle use of foreign language signs, communist literature that players may encounter, and the like evokes the subtle ways that games like Half life built an immersive experience for the player.

APPENDIX clearly use his Earthquake inspiration on his sleeve. APPENDIX also makes comparisons with other retro shooters Darkness, another love letter to the early 3D era of fast-paced shooter glory. But by incorporating a Soviet-era feel to its levels and foes, the game manages to carve out a place of its own. APPENDIX It feels surreal at times, with the creepy nature of the levels only permeated by the furious gunfire.

Featuring a unique environment, wild enemies, and solid gameplay, APPENDIX has firmly established itself as a shooting game to be reckoned with, especially for fans of the throwback genre “boomer shooter.” Interested players can read the first episode, titled “Kiss Me Gustav,” right now. It has eight levels and is a brilliant introduction to what could be the next great retro shooter game.

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