Rockstar has released Red Dead Online multiplayer as a standalone game. It’s available on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC, but is RDO cross-platform?

Rockstar multiplayer cattle theft simulator, Red Dead Online, now available as a separate purchase. Players who want to wear their jeans but are not interested in the single player mode Red Dead Redemption 2 you can now buy access to REV for a measly five dollars at the time of writing (although that Red Dead Online the deal will end soon). Now it’s easier than ever to embark on the multiplayer version of RDR2, But players looking to start a gang need to keep one thing in mind: Red Dead Online it is not cross-platform.

Disappointingly Red Dead Online still groups players into separate populations, depending on the platform. PS4 can only play with PS4, PC can only play with PC, and so on. Sadly, fracturing the player base in this way is still a fairly common problem. It’s unclear if cross-platform is allowed REV the game would depend on Rockstar or the owners of the platforms, but GTA Online The crossover game is still missing after more than seven years. If Rockstar has not added cross-platform play to its crown jewel of an online game, it is unlikely that it will add the feature to Red Dead Online.

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Potential players of Red Dead Online You will have to confirm your platform of choice with your friends, so that they are not forced to take on the role of the Lone Ranger. There is nothing worse than being the weirdo while a group of friends live their Magnificent seven Dreams

Red Dead Online: Is RDO Cross-Platform?

Once they have been successfully grouped together on a single platform, players will find Red Dead Online offers a wide variety of activities. From picking flowers to bringing back dead or living rewards, players are free to choose how they want to live out their Wild West fantasies. For some, that means serious RPG – one style of play, Rockstar’s other multiplayer hit, GTA Online, has nailed. Red Dead OnlineThe RPG community is getting there, but it’s still a work in progress.

For those hoping to hit the road like Arthur Morgan once again, the continued success and support of Red Dead Online it’s a bad sign. It doesn’t seem likely that Rockstar is developing a single player mode RDR2 DLC. For now, those players who lean alone will have to be satisfied with what is already available. Still, Rockstar recently introduced Cay Perico Heist for GTA Online, which does not require the usual group to complete. There may be no single player DLC for Red Dead Redemption 2, but Red Dead Online could receive content focused on a solo, based on the success of Cay Perico.

While Rockstar may not provide cross-platform support to Red Dead Online, you will almost certainly add all kinds of new content, if the continued support of the company to GTA Online is any indication.

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