Director James Cameron will executive produce a television series based on his 1994 action film True Lies, alongside Burn Notice writer Matt Nix.

James Cameron True Lies it could finally be adapted into a television series soon.

Cameron recently signed on to executive produce a television adaptation of his 1994 action-romance film alongside Alarming news writer Matt Nix, as reported by THR. CBS officially ordered a pilot for the possible spinoff series on February 10.

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Cameron wrote and directed the comedic action film starring Jamie Lee Curtis and Arnold Schwarzenegger. A spin-off series from the film has been in development and in development talks with a variety of networks over the past decade, including Fox and Disney +. McG, “who has been linked to previous attempts to reboot the 20th Century Fox film, will also direct the pilot and executive producer. [the series]. “

Nix and Cameron’s pilot episode description closely follows the comic plot of the original film. A shared synopsis of the pilot reads: “Shocked to discover that her nondescript, nondescript husband, computer consultant, is a skilled international spy, a dissatisfied suburban housewife is driven into a life of danger and adventure when she is recruited to work alongside him to save the world while they try to revitalize their marriage without passion. “

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At the time of writing, there are no files attached to this television project.

The original True Lies The film starred Arnold Schwarzenegger as an affable father and husband who lived a double life as an undercover agent for an American counterterrorism task force. However, his two worlds collide when he learns that his wife (Jamie Lee Curtis) may be having an affair with a used car dealer while terrorists are smuggling nuclear weapons into the country.

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Source: THR

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