I’ve long had the belief that really good comic actors, really talented actors, are almost always excellent at drama, you know? You’ve seen it with guys like Steve Carell or Jim Carrey, because to be really funny, in general, you’re playing the drama of the scene, but you know how to make it a little more fun. And I think that’s a difficult thing to do. As soon as Jamie walked on set, I know Kristin and Annie and I were like, ‘Oh, he has it. He gets it. ‘ … His wife at one point came up to me while we were on set or having dinner at some point, and she said: ‘This it’s Jamie. What you guys are doing, all your friends know is part of Jamie. As it happens, the first big role he got was a serial killer, and then he went from there! So I’m excited for the world to discover this side of him, because he’s such a great talent.


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