When Elektra is attacked by Knull’s symbiotes during King in Black, the master assassin uses a surprising technique to stay out of their reach.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Daredevil # 27, by Chip Zdarsky, Marco Checchetto, Mike Hawthorne, Adriano Di Benedetto, Marcio Menyz and VC’s Clayton Cowles, now on sale.

Training since she was a child in a variety of deadly arts and techniques, Elektra Natchios is one of the deadliest figures in the Marvel Universe. While he often follows the line between good and evil, Elektra has replaced Matt Murdock as the new Daredevil of Hell’s Kitchen, while the original Man Without Fear is locked in a maximum security prison.

And in Reckless # 27, quickly show off some of his incredible abilities to evade Knull’s reach as the crossover event. King in black travels through New York City, who only manages to save his own life.

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Daredevil Elektra Sai

After Matt accepted a plea deal for manslaughter that he accidentally committed with a minor offender while serving as Daredevil, Elektra agreed to replace him as Hell’s Kitchen’s last defender after quietly buying most of the real estate for herself to keep it away from unscrupulous buyers. . While Elektra defended the Manhattan neighborhood with brutal efficiency, she complied with Matt’s request to refrain from using deadly force while continuing his legacy while he was locked up. And this shift in crime-fighting policy is sidelined when hungry Knull symbiotes invade Hell’s Kitchen led by a monstrously transformed familiar face: Typhoid Mary.

Mary had been forcibly transformed into Knull’s last symbiote soldier while serving in Mayor Wilson Fisk’s security detail. While she managed to give the mayor the time he needed to escape Knull’s initial attack, Mary was overwhelmed by the symbiotes and transformed. Resisting Knull’s telepathic orders, Mary embraced her dark side and went straight to Hell’s Kitchen for a chance to kill the new Daredevil, going so far as to fight any of the other Knull symbiotes that got in her way. And while Elektra made a valiant effort, after luring Mary out of the neighborhood to an abandoned construction site, she realized that she had no chance against the Venomized Mary and decided to stop her own heart to fake death.

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Daredevil Elektra Typhoid Mary

This is not the only time Elektra’s heart has stopped beating, but it is one of the first instances where the movement is self-inflicted. Elektra’s first encounter with death was the fight against Bullseye in 1982. Reckless # 181 of Frank Miller and Klaus Janson, stabbed with his own sai before dying when reunited with Matt. While resurrected by Stone, an expert martial artist linked to Matt Stick’s mentor, Elektra would be killed again sometime later by The Hand and resurrected as their leader during Mark Millar’s classic 2004 Wolverine story “Enemy of the State”. John Romita, Jr. and Janson. Since then, Elektra had largely kept to herself before allying herself with Daredevil once more.

The technique to stop Elektra’s heart is, of course, only temporary, timed long enough for Elektra to revive itself after the infected Typhoid Mary has left the scene; with the transformed supervillain now participating in the general chaos of King in black. Knull and his army have been fooled by Elektra’s prodigious control over their own heart but, with symbiotes still running around the Marvel Universe, this death-defying technique is only a brief respite before the invaders take notice. of your mistake. And with Typhoid Mary still heavily infected and on the loose, a possible rematch won’t be pretty.

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Elektra shows why he’s a different kind of daredevil

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