Based on the novels of Jenny Han, the Netflix original romance drama franchise about Lara Jean Covey (Lana Condor) and his beloved Peter Kavinsky (Noah centineo) concludes his trilogy with To all the boys: always and forever, with the two preparing for the end of high school as they discover what comes next. With graduation looming and Lara Jean grappling with whether she is truly following her dreams or trying to make others happy, she will have to make important decisions that will ultimately change her life.

During a virtual trip to promote the final film of this popular series, co-stars Lana Condor and Noah Centineo spoke with Collider about how to play their character on the first day compared to the last day of filming, favorite moments, the bond of the sister and the ambiguous ending of the story. Condor also spoke about what she Deadly class character would think of Lara Jean, while Centineo shared his enthusiasm for shooting Black adam.

Collider: How does playing your character on the first day of the first movie compare to playing your character on the last day of this last movie?

CONDOR LANA: Wow, great question. On the first day of the first movie, I think we were shooting the introductory dinner scene with Noah. [Centineo]. That was my audition scene, so I felt pretty good about it, but I was still trying to find her voice, and find her weird little quirks and the things that Lara Jean makes her. So, I felt confident, but I also have a lot to learn. Also, we didn’t even know that people would see the first movie. We made it as a standalone movie and we hoped that someone would take it and people would see it. Never in our wildest dreams did we think it would be received the way it was. We were like, we love this movie, we love the script, and we love the book, so let’s make a movie. And then the last day of shooting the third movie felt very different. He had spent hours and hours and hours and hours and hours of time with Lara Jean, so he knew exactly who she was and how she spoke. Lana and Lara Jean start to fit in and I say, “Who am I?” I felt great about it, but there’s also not a day that I don’t think, “How did this happen? I’m in Korea, in a movie that changed my life. How did I get here? “It was and still is surreal, sure.


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NOAH CENTINEO: I think the first day, the first few takes, everyone was trying to figure out exactly how we wanted to introduce Peter. By the time the last day arrived, it was crystalline and solidified. As an actor, there was definitely a lot more confidence in how to play the role. Overall, I think Peter really grows up, on the last day of work, and faces a lot of his demons, so to speak, and a lot of his fears.

Lana, what was the scene in this movie that worried you the most about getting it right, and how did it feel to film that moment?

CONDOR: Actually, I haven’t seen the final cut of the movie. I’ve seen like parts of the movie, but I haven’t seen the ending, so I hope it’s probably in the movie, but who knows. It’s very simple, but it was the last shot in the movie and I think it still is, where it’s just a close-up of Lara Jean’s face, looking into her future. I wanted to do well because it was very emotional for me. I was like, “Don’t cry. Do not Cry. Whatever you do, don’t let your emotions get through you. “I just wanted to do well because I see it as a really beautiful future for Lara Jean. I watch her become the woman I know she can, and I just wanted to show optimism, hope and enthusiasm. for the new day. I feel that in my personal life. Obviously there are ebbs and flows in everything, and particularly last year, the collective emotional state of humanity is [an example of that]. I think what’s so important is believing that greatness is yet to come and believing that goodness is right in front of you, so I really wanted to understand that. I didn’t want to break either. He wanted to be a good actor.


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Noah, do you have a favorite scene or moment in this third movie?

CENTINEO: In the third movie, it sure is the bakery scene in New York, between Lara Jean and Peter. They really overcame some really intense hurdles together and are fighting the issue with each other, which I think is really cool. I love. It’s a great twist. You expect one thing and it is completely different.

You have to have a prom in this movie, where you have to dress up and have a great dance party. Is it something fun to film, or is it just weird because you don’t actually have music and you just pretend like music is playing?

CENTINEO: It’s great. It’s fun. It’s great to see what production designers and set designers do and how they completely transform a room and make it super spectacular like they did in this movie. There really is usually no music. It’s just a thud so everyone is on time and doesn’t dance at their own pace. It is quite an experience. I love doing it.


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Lana, aside from the obviously dreamy romance between Lara Jean and Peter, one of the things I love most about this story is the family relationship and specifically these sisters. What is a favorite moment that you shared with Janel Parrish and Anna Cathcart, in this latest movie?

CONDOR: I love that you said that because her relationship with her sisters and relationships with all the women in the movie are the reason that she is the young woman she becomes. She is heavily influenced by the female figures in her life, particularly her sisters, and particularly her older sister. Her mother died at a young age, so Margot raised her. It was really amazing spending more time with them in this movie. I was desperate for it, and I’m happy it worked. Everything is great when we are together and every memory is fantastic, but there was definitely a day in Korea. Here’s the truth, the time difference was crazy and we were all exhausted, and there was a typhoon. It was so overwhelming. There was a day when we all felt so tired and overwhelmed, and we decided to read the scene for the day, which I think was the opening scene in the cafe, like each other’s characters. They all played Lara Jean, and it was so much fun listening to them and watching them perform as Lara Jean. They did all those little nuances that Lara Jean does, and sometimes I am aware that she does it and other times I am not aware. It was great to see them talk the way she does. That was a great memory. And also, just me and my sisters, whenever we are together, we hold hands, which was very nice. Everything about those girls is amazing.

Noah, how do you feel about leaving the story in a place where life seems to go on for these characters? Have you thought about who it might be five or ten years after the movie ends?

CENTINEO: It could be in many ways. Who knows? It could be a professional lacrosse player. It could be retired. You could take a complete turn to the left and embark on some other career path. I like how ambiguous the ending is. We try not to have a monopoly on the lives of any of the characters. There is a lot that happens, it happens. And they are so young, so who knows.


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After playing Peter in three movies, is he a character that you were saddened to say goodbye to? Is it someone you miss, like a friend?

CENTINEO: Definitely a little bit. I did The fosters for four and a half years, so I’ve said goodbye to the characters before. It’s always such a bittersweet moment.

Lana, you have to play the bad guy on Syfy’s show Deadly class. What do you think you Deadly class What character would think of Lara Jean?

CONDOR: My God, I would hate her. She would say, “Things are not all rosy and loving. We have people we have to kill. “I don’t think they got along. They’re so opposites. It’s hot Deadly class between shots [the first and second movies], so it was a complete personality whiplash, to do that.


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Noah, now that these movies are over, how much has your life and career changed being a part of these movies and playing this character?

SENTINE: Oh my God, infinitely. It is day and night. You go from auditioning and trying to get a callback, trying to get a director’s session, trying to get a chemistry reading if you’re lucky enough to try. You go from having to go through all these different levels to just having scripts put on your desk and someone saying, “Hey, do you like this?” It is day and night. It is so different. It is a great blessing. The character has enriched my life. The universe and all its voices have enriched my life infinitely. And there is also personal security. I get to rub shoulders with professionals of whom I am a great admirer. It’s amazing. And I have a connection with millions of people who feel a connection to me. I can learn about what interests them, interact with them, and have random street friends. It is simply wild.

What are you most excited about Black adam? Do you feel like you are up to the challenge of facing Dwayne Johnson?

CENTINEO: Yeah. He’s a big guy. It is going to be very fun. I can’t tell you how excited I am to start filming that. We are in preparation now. I am very excited. I can’t wait to get there.

To all the boys: always and forever is available to stream on Netflix.

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