In an exclusive clip from Life After Lockup, Brittany Dodd makes her mother and grandmother open up about their family’s ‘cycle’ of abuse.

Brittany Dodd remains transparent as she continues to dig into the root of her family’s scarred past. In an exclusive clip from Friday’s episode of Life after the confinement, Brittany visits her grandmother in Alaska to support her mother as she confronts her mother about the abuse she suffered as a child. The shocking scene sheds light on the family’s vicious ‘cycle’ of abuse.

Since its inception in the second season of Love after the confinementBrittany has been open and honest about the tough childhood that led to her being sent to prison twice. At the time of her release, she moved in with Marcelino Santiago and embarked on a new clean lifestyle after years of battling drug addiction. She ran away at 12 and gave birth to two boys when she was 15. After being forced into adoption due to her drug use, Brittany lived a life of crime and substance abuse. She was sent to prison at the age of 18 and returned only three years later when she turned 21. Since her release, Brittany has married, regained custody of her son Giovanni, and welcomed two more children with Marcelino. But she is passionate about helping her family heal from all the pain they are experiencing.

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In an exclusive shorten From Friday’s episode, Brittany is in Anchorage, Alaska with her mom Cynthia. Fans had previously seen how Brittany confronted her mother about being sober. After asking her daughter for help, Brittany agrees to make the long drive from Las Vegas to Alaska to visit her grandmother Jackie. But, the match didn’t end up being the family bonding moment that many fans expected to see. “There was nothing more than drinking and partying and your friends would come into my room to do things to me. “ Cynthia tells her mom while holding back tears. His mother then indifferently defends herself. “I’m sorry your life ended the way it was,” he replies. “But I didn’t put a pipe in your mouth. I didn’t pour you a beer.” she declares.

The answer clearly rubs Brittany’s mom in the wrong way, as she seems visibly shocked. Her mother rubs her cheek and Cynthia gazes into the distance as she processes her mother’s harsh response. “I’m done. This doesn’t make sense.” Cynthia says as she storms out of the house. The cameras and her daughter follow her as Brittany tries to comfort her distraught mother. “She was never to blame for anything,“Cynthia screams. While talking to the producers, Brittany opens up about him”horrible person “ her grandmother has been with her and her mother. “He has been abusive to my mother, both physically, mentally and emotionally. “ Brittany reveals.

But she continues to share how she knows that Jackie also grew up being abused by her mother, great-grandmother Brittany. “This chain and this cycle have been vicious. Generation after generation after generation “ Brittany says. “I want to break that cycle in my family.” She certainly is. The reality star continues to use her platform and story on the show to share her family’s story in hopes of motivating others in similar situations.

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