Little Women: The New Atlanta Episode airs tonight. Check out the teaser video, which shows that Andrea is too much of a copycat for Amanda.

A new episode of Little Women: Atlanta season 6 airs tonight. The sixth season premiered on January 22, 2021. A new trailer was released to whet fans’ appetite for the upcoming episode, showing that Andrea is being too much of a copycat for Amanda’s liking. Lifetime wants viewers to get excited about the potential drama and perhaps a bit of introspection on Andrea’s part.

The show had a bit of a rough year in 2020. Ashley “Minnie” Ross died in a car accident at the age of 34 on April 27, which devastated Little Women: Atlanta viewers. She had been seriously injured in a head-on collision and did not recover. The sixth season of the show will cover this tragedy, to give cast members and fans a chance to process the pain they feel.

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The teaser clip premiered at the Kinetic Youtube channel a few hours before the most recent episode. In the video, the two women are in the car and Andrea tells of her excitement about visiting a school because her sister is enrolling in classes. Amanda admits that she was very nervous and hoped everything would work out. They said the visit to the school was good, with Andrea commenting on how Amanda taking the class is motivating. Amanda sarcastically comments on how her sister continues to trust her for guidance. She makes this comment after Andrea suggests that they could take one of the classes together. She says that her little sister has to live her own life because she is not a model of virtue and cannot be someone else’s idol. To quote the video, “I don’t want you to feel like you need me around” You didn’t get a positive reaction. Andrea runs out of the car, angered by the way her kind gestures were perceived as mere imitation. See the teaser video down:

Andrea means well, but Amanda is trying the ploy of brutal, cruel honesty to be nice. He says that he may not always be there, physically or emotionally, and Andrea needs to ask herself what she wants from her own life. One can expect Andrea from Little Women: Atlanta You will understand in due time.

Lifetime is building emotional connections while showing a precise and semi-lighthearted family drama, months after increasing representation in its holiday movies. Fans who have siblings should be able to relate. Sibling dynamics in Little Women: Atlanta it is something that resonates with many viewers.

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