When it comes to being a master of the mystical arts in the Marvel Universe, people’s minds often wander towards Doctor Strange. Although that is understandable. If you have business cards, they most likely say “Master of the Mystic Arts.”

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But there are more than a few beings in Marvel who are irritated by the idea that such a boastful title is opposed to a mere human. Loki would certainly be one of them. Loki is not only a god, he is also a gifted wizard and warrior. However, in an all-out mystical battle between them, there can only be one winner.

eleven DOCTOR STRANGE: He has faced tougher enemies

During his many years as Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange has faced many incredible challenges. That includes the seemingly endless variety of enemies he has faced alongside teams like the Avengers and the Defenders.

But on multiple occasions, he has defeated interdimensional powers like Dormammu in combat. Doctor Strange is experienced in facing reality by destroying threats from every corner of his universe, not to mention many others.

10 LOKI: Genius

When people think of Loki’s most powerful abilities, they almost automatically focus on the fact that he is a Norse god and a sorcerer. But that’s not the only aspect of its diverse arsenal of tricks and deceptions. Your mind is also a weapon.

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Loki is really brilliant. He is more than capable of developing complicated and intricate strategies that harness his powers. Loki is known to implement plans that have been developed over hundreds of years. At least, no one can accuse Loki of never having a long-term vision.

9 DOCTOR STRANGE: Trained Martial Artist

It’s easy to become obsessed with Doctor Strange’s impressive mystical abilities. He has spent seemingly endless years honing those formidable skills. Thanks to his martial arts training, his skills are much deeper than that.

While no one would suggest that Strange is one of the best hand-to-hand combatants in Marvel, that training still gives him an advantage in any fight when combined with his mystical ability. Doctor Strange has been known to get into a fight with a battle ax and deal some damage when necessary.

8 LOKI: Shapeshifter

Being a master of lies and deception is not just a marketing tactic. Loki has earned that description thanks to millennia after millennia after millennia of literally lying to all the people, gods, and anything else he met.

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His ways of lying are only reinforced by his shape-shifting abilities that allow him to change his shape, perpetuating those lies in an extremely tangible way. With that in mind, Loki is such a talented liar that he doesn’t really need to change his form to make them credible. However, it still helps.

7 DOCTOR STRANGE: Mystical Objects and Artifacts

Part of being Doctor Strange means having access to an incredible arsenal of mystical items, weapons, and artifacts. Having them is one thing, but using them is another, and Doctor Strange is an expert on every item at his disposal.

Fans are most familiar with items like the Cloak of Levitation, the Eye of Agamotto, and the Watoomb Wand, but they are just the tip of the iceberg. The depth of your mystical tool belt should never be underestimated.

6 LOKI: Create powerful illusions

In the various realms that Asgard protects and fights, Loki is generally regarded as one of the most powerful sorcerers in existence. He may not be the Supreme Sorcerer, but his magic game is still pretty tight.

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This allows you to create incredibly immersive illusions that only serve to perpetuate the lies you love to tell. Thor has been a victim of them multiple times over the centuries, just like the Avengers.

5 DOCTOR STRANGE: Access to Nearly Infinite Spells

Oddly enough, one of the most dangerous weapons in Doctor Strange is his library. You have access to one of the largest collections of mystical tomes of your reality show or any other. The amount of spells it contains is, frankly, unmatched.

The Book of Vishanti is definitely his choice, but he certainly has many options available to him. Hopefully he can handle the Necronomicon better than Ash. All the boy had to do was remember three words to avoid many big, ongoing problems.

4 LOKI: Frost Giant Skills

While it may not look good, Loki is an Frost Giant by birth and not an Asgardian. His true heritage has provided him with an incredible array of abilities unique to the Frost Giants of Jotunheim, powers that make him difficult to defeat.

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Those abilities include increased durability, stamina, and strength. It is also immune to most poisons, ages incredibly slowly, and is surprisingly resistant to mystical attacks. Apparently, being an Frost Giant has several huge advantages.

3 DOCTOR STRANGE: He is the Supreme Sorcerer.

When it comes down to it, Doctor Strange’s biggest advantage is the fact that he is the Supreme Sorcerer. He earned that title by being able to control more of the mystical energy in his reality than anyone else.

Very few mystical threats have the power to take him down if he really decides to use his abilities to their fullest. And on the rare occasions that he has made that decision, the effects have been devastating for his opponents.

two LOKI: He is a god

Regardless of his royal heritage, Loki remains an Asgardian god and gets the benefit of everything that comes with that status. He is the God of Mischief, a lofty title and incredibly accurate, to say the least.

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Being a part of Asgard gives Loki access to an impressive array of powerful weapons and artifacts, not to mention dangerous monsters. Furthermore, he can also tap into the source of mystical energies that only exist there.


This is a tough match to call, but the big winner is probably Doctor Strange. He didn’t become the most powerful wizard in his universe only to be taken down by Odin’s adopted son. Loki has his own impressive abilities and skills, but Doctor Strange simply has a much deeper set of tools to work with. If he can handle people like Dormammu, he can certainly handle someone like Loki.

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