Jacob confronts Haley about her lack of physical affection in this exclusive clip. Did your relationship change for the worse after having sex?

Newlyweds Haley and Jacob are starting to cheer on each other in Married at first sight. But did sleeping together bring them closer or further apart? In this exclusive clip from next week’s episode, Jacob and Haley have a frank discussion about their disconnect when it comes to physical intimacy.

the Married at first sight The experts paired 28-year-old sales rep Haley with 38-year-old senior IT programmer Jacob. Before marrying a complete stranger, Haley had been single for seven years and served as a bridesmaid at dozens of her friends’ weddings. Jacob had also been single for a long time, choosing to focus on his career and home. However, he hoped to marry before the age of 40. After a slow start to their marriage, they began to open up to each other and grow closer on their Las Vegas honeymoon.

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But despite the progress they have already made in their relationship, they still face a disconnect when it comes to emotional and physical intimacy. In this exclusive video, Jacob asked Haley whether or not she will feel comfortable moving in together soon, which is an integral part of the Married at first sight process. Haley responded that because she has been single for the past seven years, she is not used to having to include a partner in her decisions. Jacob later confessed that he had a hard time reading Haley’s openness to physical affection because she keeps her emotions closely guarded. Haley looked uncomfortable and didn’t respond to Jacob when he explained how he felt rejected by her because he had to be the one to initiate all their physical contact. “Does he really like me … or should I just not bow at this point?” Jacob wondered. Jacob worried that the dynamic between them had changed for the worse since they had sex and noticed that she “has not been receptive” of him ever since.

From their first meeting on their wedding day, fans noticed an uneasy chemistry between the two. Jacob’s main topics of conversation have been his home renovation projects, his exercise routine, and his meat and egg diet. On their wedding night, Haley seemed uncomfortable sharing a bed with her new husband, who was open to the idea of ​​having sex long before Haley. Jacob’s parents also told Haley that their son had grown up primarily enjoying his own company rather than socializing with friends, which worried the adventurous and sociable Haley.

Haley and Jacob will live as husband and wife for the duration of Married at first sight Experiment before deciding whether to stay married or get divorced. We hope this couple can work through their differences and make their marriage work.

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