Woody and Amani, Married At First Sight fan favorites, spoke out against Chris’s behavior and his confusion over how he outdid the experts.

Fan favorites Woody and Amani have spoken out against Chris William’s behavior on the show. The married at first sight The season 11 couple had a lot to say about Chris’s time on the show so far. If ever there was a couple that captured the hearts of fans in Married at first sight, they were Amani and Woody. From the moment they met, they were fireworks.

Woody was initially concerned that he might not be attracted to his girlfriend, but the moment he saw Amani, he knew that the experts had worked their magic. When experts are doing their job and properly vetting people, issues like ex-boyfriends, incomplete deadlines, and baby moms shouldn’t be a problem. But, unfortunately, it seems like this reality TV show may have fallen into the ratings trap. The story of Chris’s pregnant ex-fiancee has been teased incessantly since the season began. This, of course, is disappointing for Paige, as she did not sign up for the show to be a stepmother. Experts have tried to apologize by saying that Chris didn’t seem like that in interviews, but as psychological experts, they should have been aware of his baggage.

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Woody and Amani intervened with this excuse from the experts and, according to Soap dirt, they said, “There was something strange” about the experts who approved Chris. Even with their uplifting history of being homeless and making their way, these trained experts should have realized something was wrong. Fans even thought it was strange that his family didn’t say anything because, according to the timeline, Chris already knew about the baby. Woody added that “It’s hard to fake happiness.” So they think Chris may be trying to present himself differently in front of cameras, but it’s not working. They also believe that Chris may have lied in the questionnaire the experts gave him.

woody and amani MAFS married at first sight

Aside from Woody and Amani, another former co-star, Mindy Shiben, criticized Chris for his behavior so far on the show. He posted a photo of Paige and captioned it, OMG I just can’t … Paige is BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL !!! 10/ 10 “. Mindy’s experience on the show is similar to Paige’s, as her husband Zac made it known that he wasn’t attracted to her and didn’t try. However, unlike Woody and Amani, she supported the experts and said they are “support for.” The key for this season is going to be something.

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Source: Soap dirt

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