The latest update to Marvel Future Fight will see the X-Men characters, including Gambit and Cable, donning their Dawn of X outfits.

Marvel Future Fight Latest Update Features Outfits Inspired By The Dawn of X it was in the X-Men titles, as well as Deadpool’s 30th anniversary.

Gambit and Rogue will wear their Excalibur, while Cable sports his younger look from Dawn of X. Completing the new wardrobe is Laura Kinney / X-23, who wears it All-New Wolverine costume. Deadpool will wear black and white versions of the same suit, with his mask designed to feature a handlebar mustache.

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At Dawn of X History, the mutants have moved to the island of Krakoa and have formed their own nation. Rogue and Gambit, now married, have teamed up with Betsy Braddock’s new version of Excalibur to combat mystical threats. Meanwhile, a younger Cable, wielding the Spaceknight Light of Galador sword, has recently become SWORD’s new head of security.

Another Marvel game, Marvel Contest of Champions, has introduced new playable characters inspired by the Dawn of X characters. Both the leader of the X-Men, Professor X, and the ancient mutant known as Apocalypse have been confirmed to appear in Marvel Contest of Champions.

Developed by Netmarble Corp and Marvel Games, Marvel Future Fight It is available on the App Store and Google Play.

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