Marvel Future Fight’s Dawn of X update introduces new X-Men skins. Here’s what you need to know about his comic book roots.

Marvel Future FightThe latest update will bring new X Men skins to the game, with a handful of fan-favorite characters gaining access to their Dawn of X costumes. Mutant sidekick, occasional X-Men ally, and constant irritant dead Pool He’s also getting updated skins to celebrate a huge milestone – his 30th anniversary.

Now that the details of the Marvel Future Fight Dawn of X Updates have been revealed, here’s what players need to know about what’s being added and how each addition is rooted in the Marvel Universe.

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Dawn of X Skins in Marvel Future Fight

Kid Cable Light of Galador Sword

The teenage version of Cable is likely the most jarring skin for people who haven’t kept up with the comics in recent years. Kid Cable killed and replaced his older self in 2012 Extermination crossover event, but its new Marvel Future Fight suit comes from recent X of spades Cross.

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Kid Cable has become part of the team and a member of the Summers family. Like his older self, he has been a member of various teams, including Fallen Angels and SWORD. He even teamed up with Cable’s longtime partner Deadpool.

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The new Rogue and Gambit skins come from the memberships of the southern fried power couple in the current incarnation of Excalibur. While Gambit just changed her disguise, Rogue received a power boost from Apocalypse at the beginning of the series. She even briefly had Apocalypse’s signature blue skin, though she won’t be sporting that as part of her new look.

X-23The skin comes from his time as the main character of the All-New Wolverine Serie. She took on the codename Wolverine after Logan’s death. While she was ultimately just keeping the cloak warm for her inevitable return, she did so well in the role that some fans consider her the best Wolverine. Logan himself agrees that she at least deserves Share the codename with it.

The two Deadpool masks are part of his 30th anniversary celebration. They are striped suits that make Merc With a Mouth look like it should appear in a gangster simulator rather than a superhero game. He even has a thematically appropriate attack where he fires a Tommy pistol while driving a vintage car.

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Quality of life improvements in Marvel Future Fight

The update also brings some quality of life updates to Future fight. Players can now use Clear Tickets to upgrade Uniform XP, and the Alliance Conquest and Timeline Battle modes are receiving improvements, including a New York City-themed conquest area. Top tier leagues have been added for both modes, and exclusive rules and features have been added to the ‘Challenger’ league for specialized battles.

Several characters will receive updates: Deathlok, Lincoln Campbell, Lash, Blue Marvel, America Chavez, Anti-Man and the new Guardian of the Galaxy Avril (Quasar) Kincaid will have their “Realize Potential” feature updated.

The X-Men are also getting gameplay updates, in addition to their new threads. The “Awaken Potential” feature has been updated for Gambit, X-23, and Nightcrawler, and new Awaken abilities have been added to their repertoires. Cable can now be upgraded to Level 3 and will have new Ultimate Abilities to accompany her new look.

It’s always good to remember that the X-Men can be a part of Marvel’s multimedia projects after years of being shut out, especially since this update isn’t nearly as troublesome as Netmarble’s latest attempt to add X-Men content to the game. It’s a solid addition to a game that has been a bright spot compared to those who fight. Marvel Avengers.

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