Liam Kosta, a security and response specialist for the Andromeda Initiative, was a potential romantic option for the Pathfinder woman.

Mass Effect: Andromeda featured a balanced team for Pathfinder Ryder to explore a new galaxy, and among those teammates was former human law enforcement officer Liam Kosta. Born on Earth, Kosta is a calm, laid-back, and adventurous security specialist who spent a good portion of his life traveling the Milky Way with his parents. It seemed natural that one day he would go beyond his home galaxy to explore what life had to offer.

Optimistic and enthusiastic, Liam Kosta is a pretty straightforward guy who’s not afraid to tell it the way he sees it. Your desire to help pave the way for the Andromeda Initiative’s Milky Way travelers to start a new life, along with your efforts to build trust and good relationships with the only known native species of the Andromeda galaxy, the Angara, often pushed him to act without thinking. which generally required Ryder to come to his aid and rescue him.

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Kosta and Ryder met shortly after their awakening following the Hyperion’s tumultuous arrival at the Heleus Closter. Regardless of the player’s gender choice, Kosta was one of the first people they saw while undergoing their medical checkup. Later, when Ryder accompanied his father, Pathfinder Alec Ryder, and his team to Habitat 7, Kosta traveled with them before the player’s shuttle malfunctioned and crashed to the surface. Separated from the other team, Kosta and Ryder explored the strange and wild new world they were in together before finally reuniting with the other half of the team.

After Alec Ryder’s death and the transfer of Pathfinder status to the player character, Kosta and Ryder had the opportunity to work closely together as their explorations led to their first encounter with the people of Angara. Ryder might take the opportunity to get to know him a little better, finding him in the recently reclaimed Deck 3 storage room in the Tempest. Sitting on the ragged couch that Kosta brought with her to Andromeda, the couple shared drinks and chatted about dropping off college engineering studies to train in law enforcement. He was a police officer for a time, but eventually his disappointment with the job led him to seek other avenues.

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He was working with Heavy Urban Search and Crisis Response when Alec Ryder recruited him for the Andromeda Initiative. His time with Heavy Urban Search – Terrain 1, dubbed HUSTL, led to a post-hostility relief action where Alec chose him for the Andromeda Initiative’s Human Pathfinder team.

During that initial bonding period on Kosta’s couch, Ryder learned that after hearing Alec talk about the Andromeda scouting mission, Liam was more than a little intrigued. The notion of a new beginning was also attractive. Despite having the ideal life in the Milky Way, it quickly became apparent that an adventurous soul like Liam Kosta would have had no other choice when it came to the opportunity to go places no one else had gone before.

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On the couch, a female Ryder might flirt with him, offering him a chance for a one-night stand, but he made it clear at the time that he wasn’t interested in much more than that. As his mission on Andromeda progressed, Ryder became involved in helping to complete Kosta’s personal mission to rescue his contacts from Angaran after they disappeared.

Kosta’s personal loyalty mission was an absolute disaster, demonstrating the folly of rushing without thinking things through. It led him to admit that maybe that sort of thing was best left to the pros, although most of him still wanted to do his part. However, going through with it offered the option for Ryder to lock himself into a stable romantic relationship with him afterward, leading to promises of a future in which Liam wanted to settle together and possibly marry.

Despite her laid-back personality, Kosta was a beast when it came to fighting. He used his jump jets to get up close and personal with a set of overclocked dual omni-directional blades for powerful havoc attacks that prepared his teammates for combo actions that quickly annihilated enemies.

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Kosta’s reception as a teammate was relatively warm overall, with a strong focus on the adorable brotherly bond he developed with his Angaran squadmate Jaal Ama Darav. Other fans of the franchise thought he was too laid back, like a surfer boy calmly waiting for his next big wave. Skipping career paths before finally settling into Heavy Urban Search and Crisis Response and then leaping through the stars to explore an entirely new galaxy offered the impression, at times, that it might not be long before he too got bored. in Andromeda. And that? Another six hundred year cryogenic dream on your way to a new galaxy that needs to be discovered and rescued?

On the other hand, perhaps the endless exploration and surprises Andromeda offered will prove to be enough for Liam Kosta, giving him a lifetime of choice and excitement to keep him on his toes. Fans look forward to a future in the Massive effect franchise that really brings the original trilogy and Andromeda together. If that happens, maybe the universe will have a chance to find out what happened to Kosta.

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