The spiritual sequel to Tomodachi Life, Miitopia, comes to Nintendo Switch. Here’s how this Mii-centric RPG will differ from the 3DS version.

One of the most shocking revelations during the last Nintendo Direct was that Mythopia comes to Nintendo Switch. A lesser-known Nintendo 3DS title that many consider the spiritual successor to the underrated classic, Tomodachi Life, Mythopia appears to be a simple port at first glance. However, the teaser for the reveal indicates that it is much more than just another old game re-releasing for Switch.

Mythopia is an RPG in which the Miis assume the role of various characters throughout the story. Players select Miis as the characters in their party, assigning them a class from a wide variety of options. The game took advantage of the player’s ability to add whoever they wanted to their story (just like Tomodachi Life did), providing a unique, often comical RPG experience unlike anything else out there.

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The 3DS version of Mythopia It was a fantastic experience for players who enjoyed watching their friends, family, or favorite characters interact and form relationships. RPG systems even managed to add more direct gameplay, with players using their starting Mii’s abilities to aid their party in battle. Players could only directly control their Mii, known as a resemblance, in battle, to the other members of the group controlled by the CPU.

The Miis themselves were so focused on Mythopia as they were in Tomodachi Life, being their relationships a central mechanic in the combat system. As the Miis build relationships, they will gain new cooperative abilities to help them work together in battle. These abilities could include cheering an ally for bonus damage or even attacking a close friend.

The world of Mythopia it was populated by a huge set of characters, whose names and faces could be selected by the player. Everyone from the Dark Lord (the game’s main antagonist) to a little boy in a city was played by Miis. Players can configure any Mii that they or other players have created to fulfill these roles. There was also a system in which the townspeople would be self-populated by Miis that other players had selected and voted for.

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The most important roles in the game, such as the Dark Lord and a King, were assigned manually by the player. It was still possible to view and select the most popular Miis for each main role, just as it was possible to switch selected citizens automatically. As for the group, these Miis were selected by the player and could be customized.

Mythopia has a large selection of weapons and armor for each class. These can be freely assigned to characters as long as they fit the Mii class or job. Speaking of jobs, the original Mythopia featured 14 selectable jobs that are gradually unlocked as the player progresses. Two of these classes are unlocked in the post-game, providing an even more difficult set of encounters and bosses.

The launch of Switch from Mythopia it’s more than just a graphical glow to the game, although the redesigned graphics and new user interface are certainly remarkable. Some new customization features are being added, and it appears to incorporate some changes to the game as well. Most notable is the addition of animals, with horses being specifically shown in the trailer. It is currently unknown if there are other animals besides horses.

The Nintendo Direct trailer shows Miis building their relationships with animals in a similar way to how relationships with other Miis are built. A higher ratio was shown to unlock the animals’ fighting abilities, as well as what appeared to be faster movement speed on the world map. This extra layer for MythopiaCombat mechanics can help players optimize their party setup, for example by giving a healer offensive options via a friendly horse.

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Another thing to pay attention to is how certain key features of the 3DS version were not mentioned, such as how other players’ Miis could self-populate the world. Each character in Mythopia is a Mii, and with the number of Miis that populate each of the game’s main locations, it would be a bit tricky for players to choose a character for each role. The 3DS version it featured a system where the game could automatically select Miis based on who other players assigned to certain roles, but this was not mentioned in the trailer.

The last big difference between the two versions of Mythopia It seems that the new customization options are always good to see in an RPG. Wigs and makeup have been added, allowing players to create much more accurate versions of fictional characters. That has been a major complaint from the Mii Creator in the past, as it focused on allowing players to recreate real people. The color, brightness and saturation sliders displayed with the wigs are also a huge step forward for Mii customization.

It’s great to revisit an older title and update it with new features, especially when Nintendo has a bit of a reputation for migrating older games to the Switch with very little change. Given the good but underrated Tomodachi life It was great to see his spiritual successor get some love from Nintendo. The Switch remake of Mythopia is scheduled to launch on May 21, so additional changes and features may be revealed with additional teasers.

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