Naruto is a story about friendship, determination and perseverance, and focuses on a young ninja who dreams of becoming the leader of his village. There are many anime fans who adore Naruto, and there are also those who think it is overrated, but even those naysayers cannot deny the fact that it is one of the most popular series of all time.

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One of the reasons why Naruto It became so successful because it introduced fans to a variety of interesting and complex characters, including Haku, an orphan who was raised and trained by Zabuza Momochi. Together, they were the first truly skilled ninja Naruto faced in a battle royale. Haku died before the events of Naruto: Shippuden, But thanks to his skill and Ice Release’s kekkei genkai, he would have been able to eliminate various characters that were introduced in Shippuden.

10 Mifune’s sword skill would have been no match for Haku’s speed and skill.

Naruto mifune

The Five Kage Summit bow is one of the best bows in the series, and it brought fans to the Land of Iron for the first time, where they met the Samurai and his general, Mifune. He may not use genjutsu or traditional ninjutsu, but he is a powerful master swordsman whose strikes are famous for being incredibly fast and accurate.

Mifune may be fast, but even he can’t keep up with Haku’s speed if he’s using his ice mirrors. Furthermore, Haku was trained by Zabuza, one of the Seven Swordsmen of the Villa of the Mists, who was a master in his own right, and even Zabuza admitted that Haku was more dangerous than him.

9 Haku already proved that he could defeat Sai during the Fourth Great Ninja War

When Sai was first introduced, some fans didn’t like being forced into Team 7, but he became a somewhat interesting character. Sai was once a part of Root, the ANBU subdivision of Konoha, which means that he is an incredibly skilled individual. Sai is skilled with the sword, but he is also a skilled artist and uses this skill in his jutsu to bring his drawings to life.

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These drawings can be very effective, but Haku has already shown that he can easily destroy them during the Fourth Great Ninja War, and if Sai’s main form of offense is neutralized, he will find himself at a disadvantage against someone with a kekkei genkai.

8 Karui may have been trained by Killer B, but her sword skills wouldn’t be enough to defeat Haku.

Karui was introduced shortly after Killer B fought Sasuke, and was sent to the Leaf Village with her team to gather information on Sasuke and Akatsuki. While there he overheard Naruto talking about Sasuke and hit him when he refused to give him information.

Karui was an expert Chunin from Cloud Village and an expert swordswoman as she was trained by Killer B. Unfortunately, she only uses one sword, which would be fine against a normal opponent, but Haku is not normal as she can attack her from multiple directions at once with their mirrors.

7 Akatsuchi’s physical prowess and rock golems wouldn’t stop Haku’s attacks

When the third Tsuchikage left for the Summit of the Five Kage, he brought his granddaughter and Akatsuchi as bodyguards. Akatsuchi was a Jonin level shinobi, which means he was very skilled and incredibly fast despite his size.

Compared to other Stone Village ninjas, Akatsuchi possesses unmatched physical strength and can create a large stone golem for offensive and defensive purposes. This golem can be effective, but Haku can get around it with his ice mirrors, and if there is fog around, he can still get behind Akatsuchi with the Silent Killing technique.

6 Sabu’s greatest strength is his giant ax, which means nothing to Haku

Only the most powerful characters in the series can defeat all of the Akatsuki members, and since Sabu was no match for Kisame, Defiantly is not one of those characters. Sabu is Killer B’s enka ninja music master, possessing surprising physical strength for someone so short.

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Sabu wields a giant ax that he can swing effortlessly due to his prowess, but he doesn’t seem to know any kind of ninjutsu, putting him at a huge disadvantage against a kekkei genkai user like Haku. Haku can easily take it out with his mirrors and his Silent Assassination technique, or he could just use his Thousand Flying Water Needles of Death jutsu.

5 Tobi may have had wood release and a mind of his own, but he was nothing more than a modified white Zetsu

tobi from naruto pointing

When the White Zetsu army was first introduced, they were made to look like an intimidating force, but they were actually quite easy to take down. Tobi was once an ordinary human being, but was trapped by Kaguya Otsutsuki’s Infinite Tsukuyomi and eventually transformed into what is essentially a modified White Zetsu.

Tobi possesses the cells of the First Hokage, so he can use Wood Release, but it is not as strong as the First Hokage’s jutsu. Given the structure of Tobi’s body, Haku will be able to get through with ease, and should be able to stop Tobi’s movements with his Ice Release.

4 Shiho may be a Chunin and a decoder, but she is not a fighter

Konoha’s cryptanalysis team specializes in cracking secret codes and messages, and Shiho is part of this team. Shiho appeared during Pain’s assault on Konoha, and helped Shikamaru decode Jiraiya’s final message, which held the key to fighting Pain.

Shiho may be a Chunin, but her skill lies in decoding, not fighting. This means that Haku will be able to take her out with any of the jutsu in his arsenal, and he wouldn’t even need to go to the trouble of using Ice Release as a simple kunai could do the job.

3 Torune’s bugs can be deadly, but Haku can avoid them with his ice mirrors.

There are several clans in Naruto who specialize in Hiden techniques, including the Aburame Clan. This clan uses insects for combat and reconnaissance missions, but Torune uses a special type of insect that covers his entire body, and if he touches his opponent, the insects will spread to his body and cause potentially lethal pain.

Torune may be a former member of ANBU Root, but he mostly relies on his bugs, and they really wouldn’t pose much of a threat to Haku. To avoid these insects, Haku only needs to stay in his mirrors and travel between them, and he can attack Torune while doing so.

2 Haku can block Deidara’s explosions with his ice dome and then immediately attack him with his ice mirrors.

Deidara may not have been the most evil member of Akatsuki, but he was still incredibly dangerous. He possessed the Explosion Release kekkai genkai, which allowed him to produce explosive chakra, and he turned that chakra into moving bombs by infusing it into his clay creations.

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During the Fourth Great Ninja War, Haku proved that he can stop explosions with an ice dome, so Deidara’s main form of attack will be ineffective. Deidara also tends to fly above the battlefield to gain distance, but Haku can use his ice mirrors to surprise enemies attacking from above.

one Suigetsu would be at a great disadvantage because Haku could freeze him if he liquefies

Suigetsu recruits Karin with Sasuke

Suigetsu is part of the Hozuki Clan, which means that he has the Hydrification Technique, a secret jutsu that allows him to liquefy any part of his body at will. This jutsu is very useful because physical attacks can go through him without causing any damage, so Haku’s special projectiles would not have any effect on him.

Fortunately, Haku can use Ice Release, and he can use it to freeze Suigetsu if he liquefies. Suigetsu needs to be well hydrated to liquefy, so Haku can force him to use his hydration levels and then fight him normally. If this happened, Haku would win because Suigetsu is less skilled with the executioner’s sword than Zabuza.

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