Dojutsu is a rare type of kekkei genkai in the form of eyes like the Sharingan and the Rinnegan. However, the logic behind the eyes doesn’t always make sense.

In the world of Naruto, dojutsu helps to differentiate a ninja from others. An Uchiha or Hyuga always have a higher standard than those without their special eyes. That’s why they are as coveted as they are, villains from Danzo to Orochimaru, all wanting to help them complete their goals. Even normal soldiers like Ao made sure to slide them when given the chance.

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It cannot be debated how strong the dojutsu is. The Uchiha possess the ability to rewrite time, while someone like Hinata is capable of paralyzing a person with a single blow. As powerful as your eyes are, there are many things that don’t make a lot of sense.

10 Why does the Byakugan require no steps to manifest?

Both the Sharingan and the Rinnegan require several steps to activate within a user, some of which are very steep steps that must be followed. The Byakugan, on the other hand, does not require any of that. It is active from birth, seen in how the eyes of a thoroughbred Hyuga are always taking on that milky white appearance. The only exception is with half-bloods like Himawari, whose eyes only move when he activates the Byakugan. It’s strange that such a strong dojutsu doesn’t require anything to be able to use it, not even Hyuga blood as Ao showed.

9 Ao is able to turn the Byakugan on and off

For a relatively minor character up to Boruto, Ao opened an interesting can of worms when it came to the Byakugan. Unlike the Sharingan, the Byakugan could activate and remain inactive as per his whims. As Danzo and Kakashi demonstrated with the Sharingan, that was not a luxury they were allowed, always having to cover it up to avoid exhaustion. It doesn’t make sense why Ao wouldn’t have to go through the same traps since he wasn’t Hyuga blood.

8 No precautions are taken to avoid eye transplants

The Sharingan and Byakugan were well known as two of the three great dojutsu, while the Rinnegan was more of a myth at the beginning of the series. Why were no precautions taken to prevent thieves from taking their eyes off the fallen limbs?

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The Hyuga did when it came to those who were outcasts, but he never thought of that when it came to his more normal members. The same goes for the Uchiha, who couldn’t protect his dojutsu and allowed someone like Danzo to acquire a lot of eyes for himself.

7 Eye transplants are too easy

At first, the dojutsu seems so unique to the clans that have them, but by the end of the series, it seems like anyone can get the eyes if they really want them. From Ao stealing it to Obito gifting one to Kakashi, it felt like they were giving them as birthday presents to people. The worst offender may have been Madara, who gave Nagato his eyes and then had to take them off Obito. Nor was there ever an explanation for why they worked. It was something that had to be accepted.

6 Byakugan has no defense against Genjutsu

On the surface, there is nothing wrong with this as the Byakugan should have different abilities than the Sharingan to help differentiate them from each other. That is confused when Byakugan users can see when others are using genjutsu due to their ability to see chakra. Ao even managed to learn that Yagura was under the influence of genjutsu, leading to his eventual elimination as Mizukage. Why then couldn’t it help to combat being trapped in one?

5 Evolutions are not consistent between different Dojutsu

It was one thing when the Sharingan had three different stages, starting in a basic form and finally reaching the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan. Those at least required great sacrifices to achieve. The Tenseigan didn’t need any of that to do it.

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All Toneri needed was a Byakugan implanted in himself, and the Otsutsuki blood mixture helped evolve him to a new state. What’s even weirder is that the Hyuga Clan members are already descendants of the Otsutsuki anyway.

4 The Sharingan is presented as much stronger than the Byakugan

Sasuke sharingan

Both dojutsu have different abilities that’s fine, even if the sharingan had a slight edge at first. That slight advantage turned into a ridiculously large gap at the end of the series, with the Sharingan on par with the Rinnegan, even if the Rinnegan was destined to be the alpha and omega of all dojutsu. One big reason for this lies in the Sharingan’s constant power-ups, none greater than Izanami and Izanagi, two abilities that allow the user to rewrite reality.

3 Rinnegan users can revert to other Dojutsu

As strong as the Rinnegan is, it would make sense that when it is achieved, there would be no need for another dojutsu, nor would it be possible. Naturally, that’s not the case, as Madara could turn his back on the Mangekyo Sharingan whenever he wanted. And he was far from the only one. Urashiki Otsutsuki could use Rinnegan and Byakugan at will, depending on which one he needed at the time. It felt like an attempt to put them all on an equal footing.

2 Reincarnations of Indra and Asura were needed to unlock the Rinnegan

Like more than From Naruto Tradition came into play, the number of steps required to unlock the Rinnegan seemed to be entirely up to chance. Not only did it require Sharingan and Senju cells, or Danzo would have been able to unlock the eyes. No, he needed the reincarnations of both Indra and Asura. It made it ridiculously unwieldy and cheapened Sasuke’s rivalry with Naruto in the process, so they were always meant to be this way because of lineage. The same happened with Madara and Hashirama.

one Boruto’s Jogan looks more like a new form of the Byakugan

Boruto Jogan

The entire existence of the Jogan seems superficial and unnecessary, just a means of giving Boruto something cool and unique to wear. It is linked to the Otsutsuki clan, as everything seems to be in Boruto, and allows the user to track the chakra and see invisible barriers between dimensions. In essence, it feels like an upgraded version of the Byakugan, which is probably what it should have been. It would have given him a nice new way to catch up on the Sharingan.

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