Mojang releases another snapshot of Minecraft Caves & Cliffs, showing a revamped cave spawning system, featuring so-called “cheese and spaghetti” caves.

Mojang has released a new game Minecraft Snapshot featuring another part of the hyped Caves & Cliffs update, showing the game’s so-called “cheese and spaghetti caves”. The update is expected to be the largest in the history of Minecraft, and there will be plenty of new content waiting to be discovered as it launches.

While the main part of the Caves & Cliffs update is the revamped cave spawning system, there is much more to come. Minecraft fans to look forward to. Partially, the new content will be represented by additional mobs that will enrich the fauna of the game. First comes the lovable axolotl, a peaceful amphibian creature that can be tamed to accompany players on their underwater adventures. Two other additions will be ruthless goats and shiny squid. The latter were specifically chosen by the Minecraft community in a survey conducted by Mojang. In addition, a new original hostile mob will also arrive, The Warden. This mob is a giant underground monster that will roam the deepest caves and tunnels, always on the hunt for unsuspecting players.

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The last Minecraft Snapshot 21w06a features most of the Caves & Cliffs update. According to Mojang, is now ready for players to experience the revamped cave spawning system first hand. New types of natural underground structures are included in the update: Cheese Caves and Spaghetti Caves. Mojang’s nickname for “cheese caves” is due to the creation of an organic underground tunnel similar to Swiss cheese. Meanwhile, the “spaghetti caves” are defined by long, curly tunnels, reminiscent of “tagliatelle. “Older cave types will continue to spawn as they always have and will sometimes be combined with newly introduced ones to get more unique formations. The snapshot also shows some minor changes, such as improved pit generation and increased of the construction limits that bring the height of the world to 384 blocks.It should be noted that Minecraft Snapshots, which are basically development previews of upcoming features, are exclusively available at Minecraft Java Edition.

the Minecraft community is used to testing new features through frequent snapshot releases. These test clients basically allow you to experience upcoming updates long before they are officially released. This treatment has already been applied to Caves & Cliffs. In November 2020, Mojang released the first look at some of the features included in the update, and that snapshot was primarily focused on highlighting some of the new blocks and items.

The tradition of liberating Minecraft Snapshots allow Mojang to collect valuable feedback and see if any of the upcoming changes could negatively affect the experience. It’s especially crucial with the latest 21w06a snapshot, which contains complex build systems. By navigating through new underground structures, players will be able to sample the environments. If there are any issues, Mojang will have a chance to fix potential issues before the update is officially released.

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