Nintendo’s new Switch Concierge Service has a particularly useful feature that should be included on all platforms and consoles in the future.

Nintendo recently announced its new Switch Concierge service, which will help new Change owners know the console and, more importantly, what games to try. It’s also not just a step-by-step tutorial, but a virtual one-on-one meeting with a Nintendo representative. It’s a nice touch and a great way to really learn about the console by being able to ask questions. Reps can even recommend what to play next based on what you play and what accessories you have. It is a concept that other companies should adopt for their gaming platforms.

Obviously this is a great question. Even Nintendo doesn’t have unlimited resources to reach everyone, and there are waiting lists to participate. But it doesn’t have to be done the same way everywhere. A simple helpline or chat specifically for using a platform like the Playstation 5 it would help clients a lot to set them up. However, that is not the most important feature; the would be the personal recommendations.

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Today, many gamers have huge libraries to play with, and while some have their to-dos arranged in lists, others struggle to choose what to play next. Undecided, they will end up scrolling through their library instead of playing anything. Nintendo giving players personalized recommendations based on what they play, what is favorite, the most owned / played genres and even the accessories it owns is a much needed feature for any gaming platform.

It wouldn’t be possible for every company to offer this level of personalized service, but even Steam has something like this in the form of AI. Each Steam user’s library home page has sections called shelves, and one of them is called Play Next. It’s a fairly new feature that came out last year from Steam Labs that creates a recommended list from your library. It works in a similar way to the Discovery Queue from the Steam Store, except that it learns from the types of games you played recently and the number of hours of play each game has. Like Discovery Queue, Play Next requires some tweaking and learning to be really useful, and often the games with the lowest play times win, which can be a problem.

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Other consoles need a feature like this, and an AI approach like Steam’s is just one solution, and there are ways to improve it. Adding an option to ignore certain recommendations based on a game you did not enjoy would help improve these recommendations. Being able to receive suggestions for a genre that you haven’t played recently could also help players look for something different.

A combination of AI and a questionnaire could also be implemented on the platforms. These questions could narrow down the games based on their level of action or duration. Then combining that information with an AI that analyzes past play times, favorites, and more could result in personalized recommendations. Between Steam’s underrated Play Next and Nintendo Switch’s concierge service, perhaps other companies will take note and create similar features for their audiences.

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