After all this time, One Piece finally shows Kaido’s human beast form during his fight against Luffy, Law, Kid, Killer, and Zoro.

Warning: this article contains spoilers about One piece Chapter 1003

the One piece the manga is finally revealed By Kaido third form Zoan – his half man, half beast form. The existence of the Devil Fruits is one of the bases of the series. Without it, One piece it would be a completely different series. These mythical fruits, once consumed, grant supernatural powers. For example, Monkey D. Luffy turns into a rubber man after eating the rubber fruit. The power depends on the fruit, but the Devil Fruits are generally characterized in three types: Logia, Paramecia, and Zoan. Logia Devil Fruits grant the power of natural elements such as lightning, fire, and darkness. The Paramecia Devil Fruits offer a variety of powers that allow the eater to be superhuman or perform superhuman feats. Luffy’s gum-gum fruit belongs to this type. Finally, Zoan’s Devil Fruits allow their user to wield power and transform into an animal.

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Zoan Devil Fruits has more subtypes. Among them are the ancient type and the mythical type. As the name suggests, the ancient Zoans have the power of ancient animals like dinosaurs and mammoths. On the other hand, Mythical Zoan grants the power of mythical animals. The best example of this would be Marco the Phoenix. Zoan Devil Fruit users have three basic shapes. They have the human form, the beast form, and the hybrid between the two. However, it is possible to have more than three forms through training. Tony Tony Chopper of the Straw Hat Pirates even has more than seven forms.

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Until recently, Kaido’s half-man and half-beast form had yet to be revealed. It is most often found in human form during moments of inactivity or when attempting suicide. Even during the first time he meets and defeats Luffy, he uses his giant club in his human form. He only uses his beast form when he gets a little serious in battle. Recently, Kaido and Big Mom have been fighting Luffy, Law, Kid, Zoro, and Killer, which is known as the Rooftop Battle. Kaido has been in his dragon form throughout the fight and has been taking whatever Luffy and company are throwing at him. He has also unleashed his Dragon Twister Demolition Breath in this form. Throughout the series, One piece he has yet to show his human beast form. But at the end of Chapter 1003, Kaido finally transforms into his half-man, half-beast form. Unfortunately, it is still just a silhouette.

Chapter 1003: 1003

Zoan’s human beast form is arguably the best form for Zoan users. It allows the user of the Devil Fruit to wield the power of the beast while primarily retaining his human form. It’s basically about getting the best of both worlds. With Kaido revealing this shape, they are not only One piece Fans anticipating what it looks like are also eager to see what it can do this way.

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