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A lot of cool stuff is in the works on HBO Max. This week, it was announced that HBO Max had ordered Shot on mars, one of three new adult animated television shows that will help expand the list of broadcasters in that category. In addition to Shot on mars, HBO Max also announced a two-season order for Phil Lord, Christopher millerY Bill lawrenceit is Clone high reboot and an order of 10 episodes for Velma, a Scooby Doo animated prequel series starring Mindy kaling. Alongside these new series orders, HBO Max has also revamped the adult animated comedy. Close enough, which follows a couple navigating life changes in their 30s, for two more seasons.

Abe Lincoln at Clone High

This is what we know about Shot on mars so far. First of all, we know that the show is a workplace comedy set on the campus of a tech company. Oh, and that tech company is located on Mars. As such, expect lots of fun “Solar opposites with a Silicon Valley twist “, level shenanigans to ensue. Speaking of Silicon Valley, Shot on mars account Carson mell, a former HBO comedy writer, as executive producer. Joining Mell on the executive producer side is Dave sirus (The King of Staten Island), an old friend and writing partner of Pete davidsons. Davidson will voice a character in Shot on mars, but details about her character or the size of her role on the show are still unclear.


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Shot on mars is based on a 2016 animated short by the creators Nate sherman Y Nick vokey, by The Hollywood Reporter. The short one, that you can see through Vimeo, follows a man who is fired from his job … on Mars. Davidson’s involvement in Shot on mars It will certainly help bring even more attention to the series and help push Davidson into new territory as a performer. the SNL The cast member doesn’t have much voice work on his resume. In fact, his biggest role in this category is the upcoming animated movie. Marmaduke, which sees Davidson express the titular doggo.

We will keep you informed about Shot on mars as the project develops. In the meantime, find out what’s coming to HBO and HBO Max in February.

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