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The Lombax lives!

A new exclusive next-gen console is coming this summer, as Insomniac Games revealed that Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart It will be released on June 11, 2021. That’s good news (if you have a PS5), along with the news that pre-orders are now available (if you think you will have a PS5 by June 11).

Marcus smith, Creative Director of Insomniac Games, He appeared on the PlayStation Blog to share a lot of knowledge about the game itself., all the exclusivity of the title for PS5 and tons of pre-order bonus options. That news began with the remarkable reminder of Ratchet and Clank thriving during its 19 years and the existence of a multi-generational console, including many other adapted media along the way. I just hope that longtime fans (like me) can play the PS5 exclusive sooner rather than later. (And, as always, be careful when pre-ordering.)

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Here’s how Insomniac Games broke the news about the new title’s release date:

Described as a standalone story that’s perfect for beginners, though with connections to existing games fans will know and love, here’s what Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart it’s actually about:

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is a new full-length adventure. When the evil Dr. Nefarious uses a device that can access alternate dimensions to find a galaxy where he always wins, Ratchet and Clank are separated. As they try to reunite, they’ll meet a new Lombax resistance fighter, explore new and familiar places (but with new dimensional twists!), And wield a whole new arsenal of out-of-this-world weapons.

Insomniac also revealed the eye-catching new title art, which you can view above, along with various versions of it on the blog. Some of that art is courtesy of pre-order bonuses, which include:

Image via Insomiac Games, Sony

Standard Digital Edition and Deluxe Digital Edition (the latter available digitally on the PS Store for $ 79.99 USD / $ 99.99 CAD):

  • The Carbonox armor of Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando (2003) “now updated with high definition materials, lighting responses, and ray-traced reflections.

  • “Early Unlocking of Pixelizer Weapon, Retro-blaster from Ratchet and Clank (2016), also visually updated for the PS5 console “.

Image via Insomiac Games, Sony

Deluxe digital edition (available digitally on the PS Store for $ 79.99 USD / $ 99.99 CAD)

  • Five (5) additional armor sets

  • 20 Raritanium to start upgrading your weapons,

  • a pack of stickers to use in Ratchet & Clank’s first photo mode

  • digital art book and a digital soundtrack.

Image via Insomiac Games, Sony

Physical release editions ($ 69.99 USD / $ 89.99 CAD MSRP)

  • Advance Unlocks for the Carbonox Armor and Pixelizer Weapon included in a coupon * inside the box (while supplies last); *Coupon code expires June 11, 2024. Internet connection and PlayStation ™ Network account required to redeem.

  • “Additionally, you can pre-order the Standard Edition digitally on the PlayStation Store for $ 69.99 USD /$89.99 CAD MSRP to receive early unlocks for these items or check with local game retailers to see if they offer the pre-order incentive with the Standard Edition.”

  • Customers in the US and Canada who pre-order get a $ 5 ** discount on official merchandise at the PlayStation Gear online store after the game is launched. ***

  • ** Available only to customers in the US and Canada. Offer expires on June 10, 2021 at 11:59 pm PT. Limit one discount code per PSN ID.
  • *** The discount code will be sent by email after the product launch. Limit one per purchase; Not valid on sale items.

And while Insomniac teases the name of the new Lombax, they are still not revealing anything. My guess? Rivet. Rivet the Lombax.

And yes, we know you are asking for the name of the new Lombax. And it is not fair that we have put it in art and we have not told you yet. Hold on, you’ll soon feel pink.

Stay tuned for more as we hear it!

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