Riverdale isn’t exactly the most optimistic show, but these 10 things about Archie Andrews are especially sad to hear, let alone experience.

Archie Andrews is possibly one of the most cartoonish characters in Riverdale—A program adapted from a comic. Archie went from girl to girl and fashion to fashion, never knowing what he wanted to do and always making the wrong choices. And while he was hard to relate to at times, Archie has some of the saddest stories.

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Although he didn’t fake his death and his father was not a serial killer like Betty’s, Archie tends to be the most tragic character in Riverdale.

10 Abused by Miss Grundy

Archie and Miss Grundy in Riverdale

Archie Andrews, an all-American boy, flourished during the summer after the first year. This included drawing the attention of her music teacher, Miss Grundy; whose Riverdale the adaptation is different from the source material. Their relationship quickly turned sexual, and Archie flopped down hard and fast and didn’t consider the fact that Miss Grundy was taking advantage of him.

When their relationship was discovered, Miss Grundy tried to manipulate him into saving her for selfish reasons. Miss Grundy was unequivocally a predator and Archie has to live with the fact that his first love experience was abusive.

9 Fighting PTSD

Archie faced a lot of trauma in his life. In a city where murder is normal, Archie had to deal with being a teenager and watching the Black Hood shoot his father. This was one of the first times that she experienced violence firsthand. From that moment on, he was in charge of protecting the city. This was just the beginning of Archie grappling with concepts that he wasn’t mature enough to handle.

8 Framed for murder

Dating and high school are hard enough. It’s even more difficult when someone’s girlfriend’s father has a hard time. At first Archie tried to be okay with Hiram Lodge; Hiram accepted him into the fold of illicit criminal activity. But soon Archie couldn’t keep up and his relationship with Hiram turned hostile.

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While at Hiram’s lake house, the four children were attacked by some inhabitants. Fortunately, Hiram’s boss was there to stop the intruders. Hiram eventually blamed Archie for the murder his boss committed. At seventeen, Archie was incarcerated.

7 Veronica couldn’t love him

Archie and Veronica always gave in to their mutual passions and, for the most part, tried to take Betty’s feelings into account. Once Betty started dating Jughead, Archie was fair game.

He and Veronica dated seriously, but when Archie confessed his love for her, Veronica didn’t dare return the feelings. After seeing her parents’ marriage dissolve, love wasn’t something Veronica considered. Though he eventually returned affection, Archie struggled with what it was like to be unloved.

6 Hopeless romantic

Riverdale Archie Andrews Veronica Lodge Betty Cooper Series Premiere

For the most part, romance isn’t a bad thing. Archie takes it to the next level. When he’s not with Veronica, he went from Val to Josie and then to the farmer he found after escaping from jail.

This aspect of his character always gets him in trouble. Archie doesn’t know what it’s like to be alone. When you are in a relationship, you are usually committed. Always follow your heart, no matter where it takes you or who it hurts.

5 Betty never understood

Archie and Betty’s courtship was doomed before it started. Betty had always idealized Archie and Archie never dared to commit to Betty. Only after they were both in relationships with other people did Archie realize his feelings for her. But there was always something about Betty that was out of reach.

As well as being the daughter of The Black Hood, Betty was entrenched in darkness that Archie could never understand. He shared Jughead’s fascination with solving the sordid mysteries of Riverdale, among other things. Although Archie may have had feelings for her, there is a part of Betty that he could never fully bond with.

4 Saved Jughead’s life

Filled with complicated storylines, season four was famous for faking Jughead’s death. Archie and Veronica found Betty in the woods with a stone in her hand and assumed she had used it against Jughead.

Archie performed chest compressions, which helped save his best friend’s life. Jughead is one of the most important people to Archie and his loss would have been devastating. Archie was relieved when Jughead regained consciousness, but he still had to follow Betty’s plan to fake Jughead’s death and leave his fate in the hands of a random FBI medic.

3 Helped Jughead administer drugs

After Jughead joined the South Side Serpents, he had to make sacrifices. This included employing the services of Penny Peabody, who swore to help FP while he was in prison. Because he did this, Jughead owed him a favor.

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Jughead was unable to see his father suffer in jail and was forced to run drugs for Penny. Archie couldn’t support the act, but he had to support his best friend. Jughead needed Fred’s truck and Archie was the only person he could turn to.

two Fred’s death

The loss of Fred Andrews was one of the most devastating moments not just in Archie’s life, but in the show itself. Fred was possibly one of the only good parents and Archie always depended on his father to impart wise wisdom. Losing him sent Archie into a tailspin.

Archie’s motivations throughout the season are centered around what his father would want. Archie struggles to do the right thing, still trying to please Fred and cope with his loss.

1 I can’t understand what it’s supposed to do

Riverdale Header Archie Army Uniform

From season to season, Archie always changes his mind. He went from making music to boxing to the community center. He never showed a particular promise in any activity.

Archie was unable to graduate from high school due to his time in jail. Instead of getting the job done, Archie let the pressure take over. His friends graduated from high school and Archie enlisted in the military, although it was not the best for him. His lack of self-actualization caused a rift between him and his friends, pushing everyone away.

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