DC Comics is set to publish a continuation of March’s Infinite Frontier one-shot, a second anthology issue that is said to be released sometime in July.

The new era of DC Comics begins with the highly anticipated edition of the anthology Infinite border # 0 March 2. However, this won’t be DC’s only once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the event, as the publisher has another anthology in store for the summer. Infinite border it is expected to be a review similar to that of 2016 Renaissance DC. Page 64 Infinite Border # 0 The one-shot issue will establish new stories that will branch out into their own individual comics, with the introduction of some new series and many continued.

Like dc Future state ends, Infinite border launches the DCU into its next comic phase. Future state It was a detour that revealed what can happen. But Infinite borderThe relaunch of ‘will relocate its comics to the present, moving all of its titles back to the main timeline. Fans will be able to preview the year to come, discovering what lies ahead for the world’s greatest heroes and the adventures to come.

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Bleeding Cool has reported that DC Comics is ready to publish a follow-up to March’s Infinite Border # 0. The second anthology, Infinite border # 1, is said to be released sometime in July and will be similar to the first, although no further details were revealed. Could this mean there is more to the story, or does the publisher have another reason to keep track of their original edit?

After March 2, a host of comics will debut new issues to usher in the new era of DC, alongside comics that were published earlier.Future state. With this new information on DC releasing part two of their anthology, could this mean that they are gearing up for more new titles this summer? It seems that this could be largely what they are thinking. Using big events that grab readers’ attention to establish new stories with other new characters seems like a viable plan.

It was recently announced that DC’s newest Wonder Woman, Yara Flor, will star in a new Wonder girl series by writer and artist Joëlle Jones. Also, as of May, a new Mr miracle the comic will begin. Reintroducing Shilo Norman, the series is being written by Brand Easton with art by Fico Ossio. Page 64 Infinite Border # 0 will kick-start such series by setting them up in the present, allowing readers to get an idea of ​​what their respective comics will look like.

DC posting a second one-shot could give them plenty of room to establish another new phase, while continuing with what was already set up. Also, the second question could be used to consolidate where the DCU is located. Either way, it would seem that DC Infinite border The plan extends far beyond the near future as they plan for what is to come.

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Source: Bleeding fresh

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