You Sex education Character preference can say a lot about your personality. Since 2019, when the first season was released, this quirky TV comedy series saw its success reaching a high ranking on Netflix’s ten most popular series. A winning teen-focused show set in the fictional town of Moordale, this is where all kinds of teens face their high school challenges.

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While most of the narratives and plot stories center on Otis Milburn and Maeve Wiley, Sex education It didn’t reach acclaim just for these two, but rather for a cornucopia of excellent characters. Everyone has their own favorite person on the show and fans can relate to each character’s unique traits.

10 Vivienne Odesanya: you’re smart but insecure

Viv with Jackson sex ed

Viewers knew Viv during season two as one of the smartest kids in school. His appearance on the show has become closely related to his friend (and possible lover) Jackson, as she began helping him with his studies.

Being the hard-working, nerdy type of person, Viv is a responsible young woman who tends to be quiet and closed off in her own world due to her insecurities. If she is your favorite character, chances are you are passionate about academia, and statistics in particular, and at the same time eager to achieve your goals when you set your mind to something.

9 Aimee Gibbs: You’re nice but naive

Aimee sex ed in her locker

While Aimee does not rank high on the intelligence scale of all students within Sex education, without a doubt it is one of the most fun. Aimme’s random comments about people and their actions are usually hysterical and she’s not afraid to be herself (even if that means sounding a bit ridiculous at times).

Unpredictable by nature, one can never really know what to expect from her, other than the fact that she is always ready to throw large parties within her large social groups. A bit naive, Aimme is surrounded by people who are not really her friends. If she’s your favorite character, then you might be a person who seems shallow and superficial at first glance, but you’re actually quite interesting and can have deep conversations.

8 Jackson Marchetti: you are a good person but selfish

Jackson sex ed

If someone is a fan of Jackson, perhaps it is someone who is truly compassionate about the pressures of being “number one” in a specific skill and who has to indulge the expectations of others for that unique talent. In season 2, viewers saw a darker side to this character’s arc after the first season focuses on his relationship with Maeve.

In addition to being extremely energetic and popular at school, Jackson has been confronting his deepest feelings about his family’s struggles and has revealed a sensitive side by striking up an unlikely friendship with Vivienne. You are becoming a genuinely good person, but you are often acting selfishly or without thinking about the consequences of your actions.

7 Adam Groff: You are mysterious but bold

Sex education Adam Groff

As the son of Principal Groff, Adam does not follow in his father’s footsteps when it comes to the importance placed on education. For a long time, the public saw this character as a bully, tormenting his peers or causing trouble at home. He always acts cold and mysterious and deliberately doesn’t let others in. When fans finally realize that her persistent harassment of Eric is to fight her attraction to him, there is empathy for him and the repressed life he has been living.

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Later, his bold action in confessing his feelings made fans love him. If it is the character that someone else loves, perhaps it is a generous person with whom they need help to be themselves, unmasked.

6 Lily Iglehart: You are safe but strange

Sex ed lily

Ok, let’s face it: Lily Iglehart is extremely eccentric and has a distinctive personality. Her unique fetishes, wild fantasies, and personal style make her seem awkwardly funny yet captivating at the same time. She is creative, intellectual, and thinks “outside the box” while maintaining a focused attitude on the tasks assigned to her.

Everyone needs a Lily in their life to shake their lives up a bit as her energy is so raw yet so genuine. Therefore, whoever likes you most is likely a free spirit, who doesn’t like to stick to the status quo and is quirky when making comments about others.

5 Eric Effiong: you are charismatic but too friendly

It’s a pleasure every time Eric is on screen. Enthusiastic by nature, wants to live life to the fullest and loves to connect with new people. As one of the most charismatic characters, Eric often has an over the top attitude. However, his biggest weakness is being too friendly with his bullies and that leaves fans unsure of how Eric and Adam’s relationship will play out in season 3.

Eric is very in tune with his sexuality, but can easily get hurt when attacked for who he is. If someone loves you more than any other character, they are most likely a person who is able to easily blend into a crowd, but is equally capable of becoming the center of attention whenever he wants.

4 Ola Nyman: you are open-minded but sensitive

Ola sex education

Ola Nyman is considered one of the most likable characters on the show, and for good reason. He is a very funny, positive and optimistic character who knows how to express his opinion without the need to offend others. Therefore, she is an incredibly mature girl for her age and she is also a brilliant student.

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If Ola is your favorite character, then there is a high probability that you are an intelligent person who tends to be non-judgmental and very affectionate towards most people. You may take things too personally when you are told the wrong thing, but your open-mindedness and altruism make you truly special.

3 Maeve Wiley: You’re a genius but suspicious

There is definitely a lot to admire about Maeve and the fans who value her highly are probably the perfect combination of academic geniuses and sensitive and cautious people. They enjoy helping others out of situations that they might not be able to do for themselves, even if they are saddened by circumstances in their own life.

While Maeve tends to be passive-aggressive towards others when she feels hurt, she has been through many personal dramas and has learned to protect herself by not easily trusting. She doesn’t want to fit in with society’s expectations of her, as her rebellious nature prompts her to go her own way. She was wise beyond her years, can be witty, and has a dark sense of humor.

two Jean Milburn: you are empathetic but authoritarian

Jean from sex ed

Otis’ unconventional mother is a confident woman who loves her profession. Brilliantly portrayed by Gillian Anderson, her interaction with her son’s totally opposite predisposition in life (as a shy and nervous teenager) makes their relationship strangely funny in most scenes.

While she is a modern lady, her role as a mother can be very traditional, as she is an authoritative mother who cares too much about Otis’s life. If she’s the character someone else loves, they might give her good advice and be extremely empathetic because they understand human psychology and why people sometimes act the way they do.

1 Otis Milburn: you are a good person but clumsy

Sex Education Otis on the phone

Otis is the main character of Sex education. It is complex, which can sometimes be inspiring and others selfish when making decisions that end up treating others badly (even if it is not my intention). His most obvious quality is trying to do the right thing, acting with as many good manners as possible. But in his quest to be a good guy, he inadvertently tends to create awkward but funny moments that make the audience identify with him.

If Otis is your favorite character, then there is a high probability that you are sensitive, intuitive, and an understanding friend, but you can also be reserved and strange at first glance due to your lack of confidence in yourself.

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