With its end on the horizon, now is the time to praise loudly Shameless. This series was made in a spectacular way, as it has been able to continue after more than ten years. Although it has lost some of its rawness from the beginning, it is still a wonderful series, as it is still creating new stories in its later seasons. You have also done a very good job of describing the true elements of relationships, both good and bad.

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He’s had his fair share of them, but there were a lot of missed opportunities that could have been quite interesting to follow as well. Of course, this is the case for all series. However, it could have provided a lot of entertaining moments if they decided to pair more characters, whether main or minor.

10 Sheila and kermit

Sheila Kermit shameless

Although Sheila would eventually get her happy ending on the show, she faced a lot in the process. She had a lousy husband in Eddie and was later used and manipulated by Frank.

It would have been interesting if it had ended up with someone like Kermit. Sure, Kermit drinks a lot, but he seems to have a moral compass and is a pretty likable character for the most part. If he had stayed on the show, maybe a relationship between the two would have made sense.

9 Frank and Kate

Frank and Kate from Shameless

Kate wasn’t used much on the show, but she was certainly entertaining in her appearances. It would have been intriguing to see that the show paired her up with Frank, since she worked at the bar and was pretty tough. It could have been an interesting dynamic to have these two together due to that fact.

In a situation like this, it would have been likely that Frank was simply using her as bar alcohol. Nonetheless, it could have been fun to watch it unfold.

8 Sammi and Mikey

Shameless Sammi and Mikey

Sammi and Mikey were never on the show at the same time, but they could have been a great couple together. Sammi was certainly younger, but it showed that she was attracted to older men. Mikey, on the other hand, was just plain fun and he should have gotten a chance to date someone.

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Sammi’s intense temperament mixed with Mikey’s carefree could have been a fun contrast to explore. It probably would have ended badly, but even with that being the case, it would have been fun for the show.

7 Fiona and robbie

Shameless fiona and robbie

Fiona never deserved Mike, as at that point in the series, she couldn’t remain loyal to anyone. Therefore, she would have been better off dating her brother, Robbie, from the beginning.

Robbie was more on his level in terms of decency at this point in the show. Of course, Fiona would show signs of true character progression as the show continued, so their potential relationship would have been short-lived, as would their adventure.

6 Lip and Estefania

Shameless lip and Estefania

It would have been interesting to see Lip and Estefania get into a relationship. It was clear that Estefanía was attracted to Lip when she was on the series. Of course, she had been married to Jimmy, but perhaps her character could have returned later.

The only problem with this would have been Estefania’s father, of course, as he was ruthless and a legitimate killer. However, since this series was not afraid to go wild, this relationship wouldn’t have been too surprising.

5 Ian and Tony

Tony and Ian cheeky talking

After originally being interested in Fiona, it was later revealed that Tony was actually gay. So it would have been fitting to see him break up with Ian during his many breaks with Mickey.

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Tony was definitely a good guy, so he could have been a good temporary partner for Ian. Although the Gallaghers don’t usually play nice with the police, Ian makes sense with Tony because they both wanted to do good. Ian’s time as a paramedic fit that theme as did Tony’s occupation. Also, a good boy to Ian was something that was not explored often.

4 Eddie and Ford

Cheeky Ford and Eddie

Eddie was a short-term affair for Lip, while Ford was a horrible cheating boyfriend for Fiona. These two could have been interesting together, as they were both quite flawed and the audience didn’t like him very much.

Given the fact that their morale is so low, it wouldn’t have been too far-fetched to find out that these two ended up together. In fact, Eddie could easily have been the woman Ford cheated on Fiona with, as it would have been a credible move by the writers.

3 Fiona and jody

Shameless fiona and jody

During the previous seasons, Fiona dated a lot of the characters, so would it have been so surprising if she ended up with Jody? Many of his early adventures were purely physical and with Jody being a handsome man, this could have totally happened.

Jody would end up being with Sheila after Karen left him, but if Fiona had stepped in, it would have been quite understandable. Of course, Jimmy would have to have left earlier for this to have happened.

two Monica and Clayton

Shameless Monica and Clayton

It was a real bombshell when Ian found out that Clayton was his real father. Clayton also had a deep attraction for Monica, even though he was married. However, it wouldn’t have been anything surprising if the two of them ended up together.

It was immensely challenging for Clayton to reject Monica’s advances on the show. It was also clear that he also cared about her as an individual, so there was a potential relationship between the two. Monica had proven that she wasn’t the most loyal of couples in the past, either.

1 Kermit and tommy

Shameless Kermit and Tommy

Kermit and Tommy have been best friends throughout the series, but the most recent season went one step further. Surprisingly, they would connect, while under the influence, but maybe it could blossom into something else.

These two have been inseparable at the bar and that is why they have a close friendship. However, maybe something else is just brewing after what happened. A relationship between them would be one of the most surprising twists of events in this show’s entire series, but it would also be epic.

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