A popular theory from Sherlock fans suggests that Moriarty wasn’t just one person, and Sherlock was dealing with twin brothers. We’ll see.

The BBC Sherlock gave way to a number of theories, including some about Jim Moriarty, as fans believe that it was not just one person who acted as a criminal adviser. Created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes made his 1887 debut in history A study in scarlet but it became widely known after the publication of the short story “A Scandal in Bohemia” in 1891 in The Strand Magazine. The Great Detective and his different cases became very popular and appeared in a total of four novels and 56 short stories, and have been adapted to all kinds of media for more than a hundred years.

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Among those adaptations and one of the most recent is the BBC television series. Sherlock, created by Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat. Sherlock brought the famous detective (played by Benedict Cumberbatch) to present-day London, and although his episodes were a combination of original book cases and stories, he did his best to include some of the most important characters and events from Conan Doyle’s works. . Such is the case with Jim Moriarty (Andrew Scott), the enemy of Sherlock Holmes whose intelligence can match that of the detective, but who chose to use it for not so good purposes. In the books, Holmes described him as the “Napoleon of crime”, while the series turned him into a “consulting criminal”, and his presence was still felt even after his death in the season 2 finale, “The Fall. of Reichenbach “.

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In fact, it is that lingering presence in the rest of Sherlock, along with his first appearance on the series, has made fans believe that Moriarty was not just one person. exist fan theories out there suggesting that Moriarty had a twin brother, and together they came up with all those plans to mess with Sherlock, and according to some, the first clue of this came in the first episode, “A Study in Pink”. In it, the taxi driver tells Sherlock that he is just a man “but they are much more”, Which some have interpreted as a clue that Jim Moriarty has a twin brother. Next up is the pool scene in the season 1 finale, “The Big Game,” where Moriarty says he’s “so moody,” another “clue” pointing to he has a twin.

Each of Moriarty’s brother had a different reaction to Sherlock: one was fascinated by him and wanted to keep him close, while the other couldn’t bear him and wanted him dead. Both Moriarty brothers appeared on the show at different times – for example, the one who is fascinated by the detective is the one at the beginning of the pool scene, while the other is the one who returned in that same scene – and “Richard Brook ”It was not just a person that they created to get closer to Sherlock, but a real identity, which means that one of them had an acting career at some point. The twin “Richard Brook” is the “calmest and sanest” of the Moriarty twins, and the other is the one who committed suicide in “The Fall of Reichenbach.” Richard Brook, then, went into hiding after that, but came back a few years later because he still didn’t want Sherlock to die.

There are other versions of the “Moriarty twins” theory that are essentially the same, only they change a couple of details, like for example Mycroft knew there were two Moriartys. As entertaining as it would have been to have two Moriartys in SherlockThe truth is, the theory doesn’t hold up no matter which version you read, but it’s a concept fans should keep in mind the next time they revisit the series, just to add more mystery.

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