Fans may not yet know who single Matt James will pick as his wife, but he did show his Instagram followers his two cute Valentine’s quotes.

The fans already think The BachelorMatt James is a good match. He made such an impression while passing through High school that fans couldn’t wait to see him as the star of season 25 of The Bachelor. With a good job as a real estate broker, his charity work at the ABC Food Tours foundation, and his desire for commitment and fidelity in a relationship, fans can only hope the 28-year-old makes a good choice for the future. partner. Meanwhile, this Valentine’s Day your heart belongs to your dogs.

Fans eat everything they can discover about Matt James, the first black bachelor. In college, James played soccer and also began volunteering, becoming particularly passionate about providing health and nutrition to low-income families. When his dreams of becoming a professional football player failed, he used his economic title to succeed in real estate. Now he hopes to settle down and start a family. Still single this Valentine’s Day, he dedicated the day to his furry friends.

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On his Instagram, James posted a video in association with Sam’s Club. Although technically a commercial, fans enjoyed the video for the humor. In a serious voice-over, James talks about doing something special to “Those we care for”. He puts on a suit, spreads rose petals, lights candles, prepares a special dinner, and then opens the door for his dates, two French bulldogs, a small breed known for their expressive faces.

Although James is destined to be the star of the video, the dogs really steal the show. They are clearly enjoying themselves, when presented with a large bowl of doggie treats that they both gladly dip into. A dog even helps James recreate the The Lady and the Tramp spaghetti scene Overall, it’s an adorable video and after just one day, it’s had almost half a million views.

James’s season of The Bachelor managed to film between September and November 2020 despite COVID by having all the contestants quarantined together. Filming for the season went smoothly. High school, Nevertheless, he was not so lucky. You can no longer film in Canada as planned due to increased COVID restrictions in Canada. The producers of the two series have managed to find ways to adjust the filming so that it is relatively safe for everyone involved, so they can most likely find another location to shoot. High school.

James has managed to keep the secret of his choice in The Bachelor a secret so far. While you can spend this Valentine’s Day with someone other than French bulldogs, fans will have to wait and see who the lucky one is.

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The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 pm EST on ABC.

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