Michelle first joined Instagram in April 2020. Although she has only posted six times, she has nearly 63,000 followers. This is where to follow it.

Despite her late arrival on the show, Michelle Young caught the eye of Matt James fairly quickly on her entrance. The Bachelor introduced five new ladies to the competition during the fourth week of the show. Not long after joining the competition, Michelle was lucky enough to have a one-on-one date with Matt. The two spent the day living life on the edge while zip-lining before taking a ride in a hot air balloon and ending the day with a romantic dinner.

The ladies in this season of The Bachelor They have brought nothing but drama and toxicity to the show. There have been several accounts of harassment throughout the season so far. Things got even hotter when five new girls were added to the group during week 4 of the competition. The original ladies weren’t happy to compete against four more girls than before. They were even angrier when one of them quickly landed a one-on-one date, something most of the original contestants have yet to get. Last week, Matt James finally took matters into his own hands when he sent two of the show’s bullies, Anna Redman and Victoria Larson, home, leaving fans elated.

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Michelle Young has only been competing for Matt James’ heart for two weeks now. In that short time, she has already managed to capture the attention of both him and her fans. Upon her arrival on the show, viewers quickly followed Michelle on Instagram to keep up with her life outside of the show. Despite having only six photos, Michelle’s Instagram account has nearly 63,000 followers. Michelle’s Instagram identifier is @ Michelle.young.1.

Michelle’s first Instagram post was in April 2020. She captioned the photo of herself “A little late for the Instagram party, but I made it.“Although Michelle only has six photos on her Instagram account, fans can learn a lot about her on the social media platform. Michelle is a basketball player to begin with. In a post in December, she expressed how much she misses the sport she once did. played regularly. The day your first episode of The Bachelor On air, Michelle shared her promo photo as well as the commercial for her along with her new teammates. Many fans have been commenting on all of Michelle’s posts with words of encouragement. They seem to really encourage her to win.

Michelle Young is one of the few girls in this season of The Bachelor that he has stayed away from all the drama. Maybe that’s why fans are rooting for her to be with Matt James at the end.

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