The Sonic the Hedgehog star revealed a surprisingly dark Marvel superhero that he would love to bring to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Ben Schwartz, perhaps best known to younger fans as the voice of Sonic in the Sonic the Hedgehog movie and Dewey in Disney’s recent DuckTales series, has an interesting idea of ​​what dark Marvel superhero he would love to bring to the Cinematic Universe of Marvel: Slapstick!

Schwartz stars in the upcoming Disney + film, Flora and Ulysses, about a young girl, Flora, who adopts a super-powered squirrel named Ulysses. Schwartz plays Flora’s father, George Buckman, an unlucky cartoonist whose love of superheroes has a huge impact on Flora’s upbringing (and thus her closeness to her new superpowered squirrel friend). With superheroes such an important part of the movie, Schwartz i talk to nerdist about which superheroes he would love to play.

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A few years ago, Schwartz had talked about wanting to play famous DC comic hero Plastic Man (who started at Quality Comics in the 1940s but was bought by DC in the 1960s), and he tweeted at the time: “I’m ready to play Plastic Man. Is there an application process or do I just dress like him and make fun of Stretch Armstrong? “Schwartz continues to show interest in Plas, noting,” I really wanted to play Plastic Man. I had a proposal, I had an idea for that movie. We didn’t end up writing it, but I’d still love to play Plastic Man. I love the idea that there’s a thief-like character, and that he gets super powers and then he might not want to use them forever because he was a thief to begin with , Eel O’Brian. So I really love it. I saw the comedy in that and there is a cartoon series that was also very funny, so you can see where it plays. “

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However, when it comes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Schwartz made a fascinating suggestion by referencing Slapstick, a short-lived funny comic hero from the 1990s created by Len Kaminski and James Fry …

He noted: “” There are an unlimited number of people that I would love to play. There is also a comic book series that I loved as a kid called Slapstick, which is this little clown with a big hammer. “Schwartz hilariously recalled that his knowledge of Slapstick came in handy when he was questioned about dark superheroes for an interview:” Before, this In the middle of comics I would play a game like, ‘I’m going to name two people and you tell me what’s real and what’s fake with Marvel Heroes.’ And the first one was Slapstick and I said, ‘Literally, wait a second,’ and I put out my own comic like, ‘I own it’ and it was a wonderful moment for me. “

Schwartz also noted that he would be delighted to play a villain, like Riddler.

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Source: Nerdist

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