As fans await season 7 of the popular Food Network baking competition, here’s a look at what the last 6 winners did after their big wins.

Food Network is gearing up for season 7 of Spring Baking Championship, which will premiere on February 22, 2021. The baking competition has been a fan favorite since it began in 2015. Some of the best bakers and pastry chefs in the country display their incredible skills in creating unique flavors (often with ingredients different they can ‘plan’) and create an edible work of art.

Contestants compete for the ultimate prize of $ 25,000 and an article in Food Network magazine. The competitors try their best and the baker sent home each week is visibly upset about not getting the title and award. Luckily for them, baking is good therapy too. But what about the winners? How have previous winners been able to use the televised victory to their advantage? (Spoilers for seasons 1-6 below!)

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For some winners, life seems to return to normal after the victory. Season 1 and 2 winners Andy Chlebana and Jane Shoudah took their paycheck and went back to their regular jobs. Andy returned to his job as a teacher and pastry chef at Joliet Junior College, happily bragging about his teacher’s victory. Jane Shoudah returned to her own bakery, Sweet Jane’s Bakeshop, although she has also appeared on the Hallmark Channel. Home and family, sharing some of his recipes.

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Some winners have used their victory to earn spots on other Food Network shows, which host many other addictive baking competitions. The winners of season 3 and season 4 appeared on the board game competition show Become Sweet Land of sweets. Jordan Pilarski from season 3 was a competitor on the show, while Nacho Aguirre from season 4 was a judge. Jordan had the opportunity to judge on multiple episodes of Christmas Cookie challenge. Season 5 winner Cory Barrett had already devoted his time to television as a sous chef in 15 episodes of Iron Chef America before competing in Spring Baking Championship. After his victory, he decided to take a break from television and went back to teaching at Kalamazoo Valley Community College, as well as starting his own consulting business, Chef Cory Barrett Consulting.

But while winning a televised competition certainly carries the right to brag, it doesn’t mean that everything is in place. In addition to the notoriety that attracts internet trolls, a victory does not protect against the normal ups and downs of life. Season 6 winner Sohrob Esmaili won the Spring Baking Championship that aired in 2020, but as of January 2021, he is unemployed and, according to his LinkedIn page, is looking for work.

In general, competitors in Spring Baking Championship they seem to be having fun and fans certainly enjoy watching them. So even if it doesn’t lead to fame or fortune, it gives bakers a chance to share what they love with the world.

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