Star Wars: Adventures: Smuggler’s Run sees Han Solo and Chewbacca save the entire Rebellion by pulling their stunt from the Solo movie out of retirement.

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Star Wars Adventures: Smuggler’s Run # 2 by Greg Rucka, Alec Worley, Ingo Romling and Edward Gauvin, out now.

At Star Wars series, Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia appear as the key figures who saved the Rebel Alliance in A new hope Y Return of the Jedi. However, Han Solo and Chewbacca also played an important role in helping to end the threat from the Empire. Of course, they may not have been directly face-to-face with Darth Vader or Emperor Palpatine, or that they flew the Death Stars with the Millennium Falcon, but their contributions cannot go unnoticed.

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In Star Wars Adventures: Smuggler’s Run # 2, we actually found out that the rebels owe them a lot more because thanks to an epic suicide mission, Han and Chewie saved the entire movement because they decided to fight each other.

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This story centers on Han and Chewie heading to Cyrkon in the Outer Rim to track down a rebel named Ematt. He is a lieutenant in the Shrikes, a faction of Leia loyalists, who have been scouting out places for the rebels to base themselves. Aside from these potential locations, know the current strongholds, as well as the regions where food, supplies, and weapons are hidden. In other words, he has a lot of information that could cripple the fight if the Empire catches him. After an Imperial ambush, he has gone into hiding, so Han and Chewie have to get to him before Commander Beck does and extracts the information. Leia prefers them because they don’t look or act like rebels and they’ll fit in perfectly with the criminals who roam the seedy planet. However, it goes awry when some bounty hunters wryly pass by and decide to capture them for Jabba. These hunters eventually sell them to Beck, but while on the run, Han and Chewie find Ematt.

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Sadly, when they return to the Falcon, Beck is secretly waiting. However, just when it looks like they are going to be taken prisoner, Han sees an ally on top of the city. This is Delia and when he realizes that she is there to help them escape, he comes up with a distraction. He pushes Chewie off and they begin to exchange blows in a shocking sequence as the Wookiee quickly discerns what Han is doing. Hearing again how they used a similar tactic in Solo: A Star Wars StoryBeck’s soldiers are shocked because they are confused, but this allows Chewie to grab the Stormtroopers during the fight and throw them at each other. Han was able to get rid of the Wookiee’s power blows himself, and grabbed a blaster to fire the shield over the dome.

This allows them to sneak Ematt into the Falcon now that they have covering fire and an escape route, along with Delia, taking to the skies. Fortunately, as much as Beck’s ships try to use tractor beams, they can escape. In the end, Han feels like a champion because not only has he protected rebels across the galaxy, but he has scored a huge victory in hopes of impressing Leia.

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