Applications for Marvel’s Star Wars: The High Republic # 5 reveal that the history of the Hutts is about to be revealed as they stand against the Jedi!

Star Wars is set to reveal the history of the Hutts in the Era of the High Republic. The future of Star Wars lies in the past, with Lucasfilm Publishing recently launching a transmedia initiative called Star Wars: the high republic. These stories are set approximately 200 years before the events of Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace, at a time when the Old Republic was expanding towards the Outer Rim of the galaxy.

But the growth of the Republic has not been opposed. The main villains of Star Wars: the high republic They are a group of marauding space Vikings known as Nihil. Other forces lurk in the shadows, with the novel by Claudia Gray In the dark introducing a race from the dark side that even the Sith could not eliminate. The book further hinted that the Hutts, already a powerful force in the Outer Rim, are ultimately displeased with the idea of ​​law and order spreading to their territory.

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It appears that the Hutt’s hostility towards the Republic will escalate into open conflict. Marvel Requests Star Wars: the high republic Issue 5 reveals that the Jedi protecting the Republic are about to be attacked by the Hutt forces. Here is the complete application:

Star Wars High Republic 5 cover

  • Star Wars: the high republic # 5
  • Cavan Scott (writer)
  • Ario Anindito (artist)
  • Phil Noto cover
  • STARLIGHT BEACON invaded by a crawling alien terror! Can VERNESTRA RWOH and his Padawan IMRI CANTAROS find a way to save the infected masses of Starlight?
  • Also, KEEVE TRENNIS discovers the terrible secret that MASTER SSKEER has been keeping for so long. Can you trust him again?

It is reasonable to assume Star Wars: the high republic it will help explain how the Republic fell. The Republic in this time period was bold and confident, with its government headed by a Chancellor who believed it had been appointed to carry out “Great Works” throughout the galaxy. And yet, despite it all, within two centuries the Republic had withdrawn from the Outer Rim, even allowing slavery to continue in Hutt space. While the Nihil may be destined to be defeated by the Republic, it appears the Hutts will force them to compromise.

The story is just getting started, of course, and the unsettling and uncomfortable status quo seen in the prequel trilogy will certainly take time to unfold. That means fans can wait Star Wars: the high republic to shed fascinating light on the history of relations between the Hutts and the rest of the galaxy. What’s more, Claudia Gray’s novel Teacher and apprentice he hinted that compromises made with the Hutts ultimately led to the Republic’s loss of moral authority throughout the galaxy. The Hutts may well be the greatest villains of the High Republic Era, and it will be exciting to see how they figure into the overall Star Wars narrative.

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