For the moment Return of the Jedi had finished production and hit theaters, everyone believed that Star Wars it was relatively finished. The trilogy was over, there were no plans (at the time) for a follow-up film, and everyone was free to explore other sci-fi and fantasy properties of the time. Nevertheless, Star Wars It would continue to be popular for decades to come, and the 1980s were no different.

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LucasFilm had commissioned several spin-off properties by that time, including two animated children’s cartoons on Saturday mornings and a made-for-TV movie based on the Ewoks of Endor. This film was titled Caravan of Valor: An Ewok Adventure, and although it cannot live up to Star Wars films on which it was based remains a memorable and warm children’s adventure tale. Here are the most memorable scenes from this forgotten Star Wars property.

10 Ewok Medicine

Cindel receives medicine from the Ewoks

Things start out a bit difficult when little Cindel and her older brother Mace run into the Ewoks inside their crashed spaceship, but it soon improves when they arrive at the Ewok camp. Cindel soon becomes ill with a cough before she has a fever, perhaps due to an unknown pathogen on the forest moon of Endor.

The Ewoks give him a drug that stabilizes his condition for the time being, but when more is needed, Mace goes out with them to collect more. He soon learns that the moon is a dangerous place after reaching into a tree, causing an attack by a Temptor predator. It’s enough to give both kids a reason to trust Ewoks as friends.

9 The boar-wolf attack

Ewoks against the boar-wolf

After Cindel improves, Mace decides to move away from the Ewok camp and search for her parents, but the journey begins with difficulties. Without knowledge of the terrain, the two are soon lost. To make matters worse, a giant table wolf picks up their scent and attacks, forcing them to hide in a hollow tree.

Finally, the Ewoks arrive to save the day and take down a monster that could possibly be one of the most dangerous in the galaxy, at which point Mace discovers his father’s life monitor in his harness. It is the first sign that his parents are still alive, which triggers the adventure to come.

8 The mystic spinner

Ewok shamans

After realizing that their parents are alive, the Ewoks take Cindel and Mace to see Logray, the village shaman. He pulls out a crystal spinner with supposed magical powers, perhaps Force-based, that allow him to search for its location. Both Ewoks and children look for some sign of where they might be.

Images of the two imprisoned parents appear on the glass, followed by a glimpse of the terrifying Gorax, a creature native to the forest moon that has plagued the Ewok tribes for some time. Without the help of the Ewoks, Cindel and Mace’s parents are doomed.

7 The Sacred Tokens

Ewoks and children get their tokens

Each adventure requires the usual tokens and items that the heroes bring with them on their quest, and Caravan of Courage is no different. Before heading out to rescue the imprisoned parents, Logray summons the Ewoks and children to a ceremony, where he awards them several legendary Ewok Warriors tokens.

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Everyone gets a relatively good looking token, except Mace. You end up getting what appears to be a pretty boring stone. Little does he know what important role the token will play in the adventure to come.

6 The pond of death

Mace trapped in a magical pool

The Caravan finds its first real brush with danger when Mace stumbles into a puddle of water. Wicket and Cindel have a bit of fun as Mace dares to touch the surface of the water. He is immediately teleported below the surface of the water and cannot break free.

The Ewoks try to get him out using ropes and tree branches, all of which are nullified by the powers of the pool. Wicket finally uses his Warrior token, the magic staff to counter the pool’s magic and allow Mace to hold onto it. Once free, learn to appreciate Ewoks for their kindness.

5 The wisties

The ewoks and the wisties

While camping overnight, Mace is drawn outside by the appearance of a Wistie, a fairy-like creature native to the forest moon, who summons the rest of her kind. They fly around the camp in a dazzling display of dancing lights before pouring into Cindel’s Candle of Pure Light, their Warrior token.

The resulting fusion with the candle creates a Wistie named Queen Izrina, who ends up joining the Caravan on their quest. The next night, he manages to brighten everyone’s mood by flitting around his tent to bring a bit of optimism to this engaging children’s movie.

4 The rock

Mace and his warrior token

Mace didn’t think much of his particular Warrior token, which appeared to be nothing more than a boring little stone. In the middle of the adventure, he became so frustrated with the item that he ended up throwing it away. This nearly derailed the quest when they reached the mountain fortress of Gorax.

When asked to remove the stone, he sheepishly admitted that he had thrown it. Fortunately, Wicket had picked it up and taken it away. Relieved, Mace snapped the rock in two, revealing an obsidian arrowhead that showed them a secret path to the mountain’s lair.

3 Spiders attack

Ewoks against spiders

It wouldn’t be a creepy monster den without a nest of giant spiders to contend with. That’s exactly what Mace and the Ewoks run into after trying to cross a bridge made of cobwebs, triggering their senses of attack. After killing the first spider, the spider mother decides to go on the offensive.

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They eventually manage to cross and destroy the bridge, causing the spider to fall into the darkness below. Although dated and cheap-looking by today’s high standards, it’s still quite a creepy scene that centers on one of the scariest alien species in the world. Star Wars universe.

2 The battle of Gorax

Ewoks vs. Gorax

It’s all based on this final scene, where Mace and the Ewoks bravely enter the abode of the dreaded Gorax. It’s a game of stealth, ingenuity and timing to free Mace’s parents from their cage and escape. Naturally, things don’t go as planned, and the fearsome Gorax chases after them, killing an Ewok in the process.

They appear to defeat the monster when Mace’s mother shoots him in the chest with a blaster rifle, causing him to fall into the dark pit below. However, it is not over yet. The Gorax resurfaces to terrorize Cindel and the Ewoks for the last time. Mace then throws an ax in his back, causing him to fall into the pit forever. It is a triumphant, but bittersweet ending to a very arduous journey.

one The meeting

Cindel is reunited with her mother

It wouldn’t be a family adventure movie without a big reunion at the end, and Caravan of Courage does the same. It is also unique in the fact that it is one of the few children’s movies to feature children rescuing their parents, as opposed to the opposite. The reunion is sincere and genuine.

It’s also a nice nod to actress Fionnula Flanagan, best known for her work on Star Trek: The Next Generation, Murder She Wrote Y Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, to name a few.

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