Capcom is doing its best for its fifth and final season of Street Fighter V DLC, with a set release date and a closer look at its additions.

To commemorate its fifth anniversary, Capcom released an introductory video of Street fighter vFifth and last DCL.

The video shows returning fan favorites Dan and Rose as they join the title’s expansive roster, as well as two new stages.

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Apologize for the long wait between DLC seasons – with him Champion Edition Expansion Released February 14, 2020 – Capcom confirmed that Season 5 will begin on February 22. The new season will come with two different price tiers, with the most expensive set including two additional stages and more than two dozen alternate costumes. The cheapest tier will include all six new characters and a refined battle system, adding a defensive V-Shift mechanic to further balance the game. The Premium Pass Tier is priced at $ 39.99, while the Character Pass Tier is priced at $ 24.99.

While the initial announcement for the DLC season indicated that five new characters would be added, with Dan and Rose joined by Gold, Rival schoolsAkira and a Fifth Mystery Fighter – Capcom confirmed that an additional sixth character will be included with the season. Nicknamed Eleven, the fighter is a shapeshifter capable of taking on the forms and abilities of many of his counterparts on the main roster. The character’s movements were revealed in a separate character announcement video posted by Capcom.

Developed and published by Capcom, Street Fighter V: Champion Edition It is available now for PlayStation 4 and PC. The fifth and final season of DLC begins with rebalanced gameplay mechanics and Dan’s release on February 22.

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