The character of Lois Lane is one of the toughest and smartest characters in the DC Universe. There have been many times when she was as heroic as her husband Superman, using her unique abilities and the tenacity that gives her years of being one of the best journalists. Her skills as an investigative reporter have made her one of the best detectives in Metropolis.

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He has worked with many heroes in the DC Universe, getting along with even the toughest heroes in the area. However, that doesn’t mean he likes everyone, a situation that would play out in whatever universe he was in.

10 Would Get Along With: Captain America Is Similar To Superman

Captain America, the American hero

Superman is one of the greatest heroes and is known as the Big Blue Boy Scout. If there is any hero in the Marvel Universe who fits that description, it is Captain America. Captain America and Superman occupy similar positions in their universes, with Cap’s position in the Avengers similar to Superman’s in the Justice League.

Lois would see this right away and like Cap for it. They would also bond over their military background, as Lois knows a thing or two about the military, having grown up as an Army brat. Cap and Lois would get along very well.

9 I would hate: Iron Man’s arrogance would make her feel bad

Iron Man Korvac Characteristic

Lois and Batman have a good working relationship. She sees through his bad mood, mostly because she knows the tragedy at its core. Iron Man and Batman share many things in common, but one thing they wouldn’t share is Lois Lane’s esteem. Lois has no problem with know-it-alls, but Iron Man would be too much for her.

His arrogance would drive her crazy and since most of his problems are made by himself, Lois would not have the same respect that she had for Batman, a man who has actually suffered a tragedy in his life. I would work with him, but they would collide all the time.

8 He would get along with: Jessica Jones would easily earn his respect

Jessica Jones was once the minor superhero known as Jewel before Purple Man entered her life. Subsequently, she became a hard-hitting, heavy drinking detective before getting her life back on track, getting married, and becoming a journalist. Lois Lane would definitely respect Jessica’s intelligence and, being Lois, investigate her story.

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This would make Lois respect her even more and the two would form a great bond. They would bond over their shared experience with superhero husbands and sons, helping each other with cases. They could be taught a thing or two and Jessica could save Lois when her mouth wrote a check she couldn’t cash.

7 Hate: Lois would object to the Hulk’s lack of control

Lois Lane has seen many things in her life, but the Hulk would be something new to her. However, the more she learned about him, the less she liked him. Hulk is hardly a hero, more of a force of nature than anything else. While Lois would respect his power, she would not respect his lack of control.

The Hulk has gone through a lot of changes over the years and while Bruce Banner has a lot of issues that Lois would empathize with, he couldn’t stand the Hulk. The fact that so many of her battles end in mass destruction would embitter her and displease her.

6 He would get along with: Storm’s rooted nature would win over Lois’ favor

Storm is one of the most powerful mutants on Earth. However, for someone who has been known as a goddess, she is also one of the most down-to-earth. Lois would respect Storm immensely and join her; in fact, Storm would very much remind Lois of one of her friends: Wonder Woman. They are both real women who stand their ground and always do the right thing.

Lois would find Storm fascinating, looking at her life and wanting to know more about her. The two would get along and become great friends, with Lois wanting to shed more light on the plight of the mutants and Storm being the perfect window into that world for her.

5 Hate: Wolverine’s methods would annoy Lois

wolverine bone claws

Lois is used to surly clients, having worked with Perry White for years, but Wolverine would be too much for her. The problem would not be just your attitude, but your methods. Lois understands that tough decisions have to be made, but Wolverine is a bit excited about the carnage and while the people he kills generally deserve it, Lois wouldn’t like it.

While Wolverine is no stranger to strong women, he and Lois would clash too much early on for either to like each other too much. Their sniper would quickly turn into a real enmity that would prevent the two of them from being friends.

4 Would Get Along With: Lois Would Consider Captain Marvel A Great Hero

Captain Marvel in Space Marvel Comics

Lois grew up around army bases, so she understands people in the military. While Carol Danvers’ background is in the Air Force, that wouldn’t stop the two women from having a lot to talk about. Lois would also like to tell Carol’s story, seeing her for what she is: a great heroine who has triumphed over all kinds of adversity.

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Lois is used to being surrounded by powerful beings, so the great power of Captain Marvel would not intimidate her at all and beyond that, she would like Carol very much. The two of them would forge a great friendship very quickly, one that they would both find beneficial.

3 Hate: Lois wouldn’t trust Daredevil due to his secret

Marvel Daredevil Man Without Fear Swinging Images

Lois Lane doesn’t like secrets or the people who keep them. What if you were a lawyer? Yes, that would make it worse. Daredevil and Lois would get along like oil and water. He’s a pretty intense man, which Lois is used to, but she just wouldn’t like him. Lois is learning the truth and Daredevil has often lied about who he is, even to those who knew it.

Lois is all about trust and she just couldn’t trust Daredevil. It wouldn’t take long to find out who he was, but his constant denials and the lengths he would go to would discourage her. Even if he did finally tell her the truth, trust would break.

two Would Get Along With: Lois Would Take Spider-Man Under Her Wing


Spider-Man and Lois would bond during their time working at a newspaper with a gruff and demanding editor-in-chief. Lois would respect Spider-Man’s intelligence and sense of responsibility. His inquisitive mind and ability to take great pictures would make him love her and she would constantly want him to help her with stories.

Spider-Man and Superman use their powers to protect the innocent and their daily jobs to bring more truth to the world and Lois would see it right away. She would take Spider-Man under her wing and they would do a great job together.

1 I would hate: Lois would not tolerate the actions of the Punishers

First things first, nobody likes the Punisher, not even other heroes who kill. He is so focused on his mission that he is hardly a human being. Lois would dig into his life and find out about his family, but even then, she couldn’t respect or tolerate him for the things he does. He is a murderer and his war is endless; what it does doesn’t matter.

Lois would find him personally disgusting and just couldn’t find any common ground with him. She would see him no better than the people he kills, doing everything she can to get him arrested and get the help he needs.

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