In Future State: Batman / Superman # 1, Clark Kent not only performs top-notch detective skills, but Bruce Wayne’s own deductions are pretty flawed.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Future State: Batman / Superman # 1.

Every hero on Earth is having a hard time in DC Future state, but bat Man seems to be constantly pulling the gout, more than his colleagues. For example, the Justice League made him essentially useless by recruiting a Green Lantern who can perform one of his most defining abilities with greater ability than he can. What’s worse, Batman can’t even take a break on his own turf. Not only is an organization called the Magistrate hunting masks in Gotham, but Batman is unable to employ stealth, a valuable technique that once gave him an advantage. And now Superman he’s getting a piece of the action by making Bruce Wayne himself look bad.

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The Dark Knight is known for his detective skills, and while his ability to solve complex mysteries and make quick deductions has been helpful on more than one occasion, it helps Bruce stand out from the ever-proliferating crowd of metahumans, especially Superman. . But now Clark Kent has started to get into Bruce’s coveted territory to the point where Batman must be experiencing great shame, as evident in Future state: Batman / Superman # 1 written by Gene Luen Yang with art by Ben Oliver.

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It all starts with a stroke of luck when Superman saves a boy who has been using the Fake Face Serum, a designed liquid that can turn the user’s face into any animal. The serum was originally believed to have no long-term effect, but as the boy Superman saved demonstrates, that’s not the case. One only needs to look at his forehead where there are ram’s horns that just don’t disappear. After using some Clark Kent-style investigative reports, the search for Superman leads him to the source: Gotham, where he quickly searches for Batman. Bruce is familiar with the serum, but was unaware that it had long-term effects. This is surprising since Bruce has been tracking its use for a while, but apparently not well enough. Although Superman was lucky enough to come across a child who reveals this information, it is concerning that he knows these crucial facts before Batman about a serum in his city. It seems Batman’s keen observation skills are lacking.

But that’s not even the half. The most embarrassing moment for Batman comes later when Bruce wields some top-tier deduction skills by concluding that since the serum originated in Gotham and has now spread to cities like Metropolis, “it is growing in popularity.” Superman is so impressed by Batman’s incredible discovery, brimming with sheer intellectual genius, that he can’t contain his amazement when he says, “Hey. Don’t say it.” The fact that the book’s writer, Gene Luen Yang, makes this insightful take on Bruce’s first moment of the series detailing the intelligence of the Dark Knight only adds insult to injury. No wonder the magistrate found it so easily.

The problem opens with a flashforward presentation bat Man looking for a missing person Superman, who is later revealed to have been stabbed by a kryptonite dagger. We hope you can use some detective skills in the next few Future state stories to rescue the Man of Steel.

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