In Attack on Titan, humanity is protected from the Titans by giant walls. But these walls contain a dark secret that could prove deadly.

Warning: contains spoilers for Attack on Titan manga and anime!

The gigantic walls that surround the remaining cities in Attack on Titan keep humanity safe. But when parts of the walls collapse revealing a gruesome secret, people have to deal with a sense of danger that comes from inside and outside the walls.

Hajime Isayama’s brilliant and terrifying manga Attack on Titan is a masterpiece in world-building storytelling that injects little bits of story throughout the series and keeps readers engrossed with each major reveal. Titans roam the world devouring stray humans and the only safety is behind giant walls. The main characters are ignorant of the world around them, as the monarchy erased the memories of the citizens using a Titan power and also kept a great secret.

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It is not until Chapter 33 It is revealed that the three concentric walls that surround the cities were built by thousands of Titans standing shoulder to shoulder. This will come as no surprise to anyone who has read the manga or watched the anime as revealed at the beginning, but why these Wall titans stay still? These massive 45-meter (147-foot) Titans are encased in stone, but once a bit of the wall collapses and reveals the stark face of a Titan, the Inspection Corps has to fight to reveal to the civilians that they are constantly surrounded by huge Titans. If even one of the thousands of Wall Titans breaks free, it could lay waste to a city.

But the Wall Titans stay where they are. Titans are generally only active in sunlight. Titans are theorized to need sunlight for food, as eating people (Titan’s favorite way to terrorize humanity) does not appear to provide sustenance. But Titans have been shown to move and wreak destruction in the dark as well, only with reduced vigor. The Wall Titans seem to follow the same rules and do not break their prison / protective barrier due to lack of sunlight.

When the first Wall Titan is revealed with an eye peeking through the walls, a member of a wall-worshiping religion suggests covering your face so it doesn’t get sunlight. This priest is later questioned, but refuses to give information about the Wall Titans. Almost a century before the main plot of the story, the King used his ability to force the Titans to do whatever he wanted, instructing them to join arms and turn to stone to create the walls. The walls were intended to be a prison and a defensive measure for the wild titans outside the walls. The residents behind the walls (known as Eldians) were forced there by another race of humans, the Marleyans who despise their cousins ​​with the ability to transform into Titans.

This becomes a bigger plot point much later in the series when the protagonists set out to preemptively attack the Marleys. With the ability to summon the Wall Titans, the Eldians could trample the world. The king threatened this a century ago, but never acted on it, using it as a kind of nuclear deterrent with no intention of launching an attack. Eren is in control of the “Founding Titan” and has the ability to provoke this attack. Up to this point, the walls were necessary to keep the Titans out. Attack the titans The Wall Titans are equal forces of protection and destruction for the people within the walls, but they are also a powerful weapon to use on enemies. But Wall titansUsage, like nuclear annihilation, turns the Eldians into the monsters that many assume they are and could end all life.

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