The Big Bang Theory ended up unconfirming Penny’s last name, but it turns out the sitcom already secretly revealed it in season 2.

Penny’s true last name was still a mystery when Big Bang Theory ended, but it turns out the show already secretly revealed it from the beginning. As the only female character in the original sitcom, the character Kaley Cuoco appeared in all twelve seasons of the popular CBS show. She went through tremendous personal growth throughout those years as more details about her were revealed, but her maiden name before marrying Leonard was never explicitly discussed.

Starting out as an aspiring actress, Penny finally gave up on her Hollywood dreams after years of disappointment. He changed careers to become a pharmaceutical sales representative at Bernie’s company. At the end of Big Bang TheoryShe appears to be perfectly content as she is thriving in both her personal and professional life, so taking the leap and moving to California finally paid off. While the show gave it a mostly satisfying ending with the reveal it was hoping for with Leonard, there’s one thing the sitcom never solved: the mystery of his last name.

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Penny’s maiden name has been a pressure Big Bang Theory I have been consulting for years and many hoped that the end would finally answer it, but that was not the case. Despite the clamor for details, the show creators decided to keep it a secret to keep audiences guessing even after the comedy was pulled. Aside from this, they may have made the decision as well because they already revealed the information during the show’s early years. As seen by u / Quell_Alma on Reddit, on Big Bang Theory Season 2, Episode 18, “The Work Song Nanocluster”, Penny’s last name was Teller before she became Hofstadter. In the episode, she started a new business making flower barrettes and called it “Penny Blossoms”. In a moment of Big Bang Theory episode, Sheldon delivered a package of his supplies and on the box was his full name. Look at the image below for reference.

The meaning behind her last name is unknown, but Penny’s name was decided even before the pilot of Big Bang Theory was redesigned to add Howard and Raj, and the show was supposed to be called Lenny, Penny and Kenny. However, the producers decided to change “Kenny” to “Sheldon” to pay tribute to one of the most prolific television producers: the late Sheldon Leonard, who was behind a number of successful series, in particular, The Dick Van Dyke Show. Considering how Penny Teller sounds, it may have been a reference to American magicians Penn & Teller. Interestingly Teller appeared in Big Bang Theory playing Amy’s father in the show’s final season, and interestingly, Penny pointed out how the dynamics of the Fowlers were similar to hers and Leonard.

The funny thing about this incredible place is if Big Bang Theory the producers even recall including this detail in season 2. At the time, the show was still starting to get down to business and building its fanbase. When questioned repeatedly, people involved in the show claimed that Penny’s last name was a secret or that they had nothing set in stone; even Cuoco hoped that this particular information about her character would be revealed in her final season. Regardless, at least not, the mystery is finally solved.

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