The World Ravagers are the deadliest superweapons in Star Wars, combining the power of the Death Star with KOTOR’s Star Forge.

Ever since the Death Star blew up Alderaan, massive superweapons have been one of the most dramatic and comprehensive parts of the world. Star Wars history. In fact, it could be argued that these types of superweapons are just as important to the franchise as the Jedi.

The final battle culminating in Return of the Jedi takes its most dramatic turn after the reveal that the second Death Star is operating at full capacity. In the critically acclaimed video game Knights of the Old Republic, Sith Lord Darth Revan conquers half of the galaxy with a fleet he built using Star Forge. Disney also seems to believe in the narrative importance of superweapons, as the plot of The awakening of the force it’s about defeating Starkiller Base. That said, the World Ravagers in the Star Wars Legends comic Dark empire They are by far the deadliest of all the superweapons in the franchise.

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World devastator.

To understand what makes the World Ravagers so shocking, you just have to look at the two sources of inspiration for these massive weapons. They combine the powers of the Death Star (powerful and devastating planetary tractor beams) with the Star Forge seen in Knights of the Old Republic. For those who are not familiar with the game, DIRTY takes place millennia before the events of the original trilogy. A Jedi hero named Revan saved the Republic from conquest by the Mandalorians, then traveled to the Unknown Regions of the galaxy, where he turned to the dark side. With a new fleet of ships and a fallen Jedi army, Revan attacked the Republic he had just saved. This fleet was created by Star Forge, a giant floating shipyard created by the former Rakatan Empire that would channel energy from a nearby star to produce mass-produced battleships and battle droids. Millennia later, the Ravagers of the Imperial World combined this incredible scale of automated shipbuilding with the planetary destruction of the Death Star.

First appearing in Tom Veitch and Cam Kennedy’s comic Star Wars: Dark Empire, the World Ravagers were a fleet of superweapons that would use their tractor beams to destroy planets. They sucked huge chunks of a planet into their hulls, turning the raw material into huge starships, starfighters, and walkers. While these superweapons were much smaller than something like the Death Star and took a little longer to demolish a planet, they were nearly indestructible, and when working together it was just as destructive as it was also more resource efficient.

Another important plot point in Dark empire It is the return of Emperor Palpatine, who transferred his consciousness to a new clone body. In doing so, he combines his dark side Force abilities with technology, something made by the Rakatan Infinite Empire, whose entire civilization was powered by the dark side, and who built the Star Forge as part of their own galactic conquest. While Rakata and Star Forge were almost forgotten in Palpatine’s time, the Sith Lord Darth Revan (who created the Rule of Two) discovered the remains of Star Forge. It seems likely that Bane shared that knowledge with his own Sith apprentice, and thus it is quite possible that Rakata technology allowed the Empire to build its superweapons using the dark side of the Force.

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In Dark Empire II, The creator of World Devastators is revealed to be Umak Leth, an Imperial engineer who also helped design the Death Star. In the Legends continuity, both were built in a research facility called the Maw Facility, along with other Imperial superweapons. One such super-branch, the Sun Crusher, could unleash even greater firepower. However, none had the same pragmatic abilities as the World Ravagers. Since they created entire fleets of warships from the planets they destroyed, the World Ravagers were the only oversoul to simultaneously strengthen the forces of the Empire while unleashing widespread destruction on their enemies.

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