It’s finally here: the long-awaited Mortal Kombat trailer for the live-action reboot. From Sub-Zero ruthlessly ripping off a man’s arms to Scorpion easily dispatching a pair of Chinese assassins, there’s a lot to unpack. The trailer will catch the attention of video game fans, as there are aspects in which the film will deviate from its roots. But it sticks to its origin in many ways, as explained by the film’s director, Simon McQuoid.

Jax vs Sub-Zero

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The opening second of the Mortal Kombat The trailer pits Major Jackson “Jax” Briggs (Mehcad Brooks) against Joe Taslim’s ruthless Sub-Zero and, as shared by McQuoid, it is the first time he has come face to face with the killer. And if you’ve seen the trailer, you already know the reunion doesn’t end well, as Sub-Zero begins by effortlessly thwarting Jax’s attempt to shoot him at point blank range, a show of power that McQuoid believes is necessary to establish. the character’s tone.

“[Sub-Zero] He has no problem freezing the weapon, he is in full control. This was quite a setup to educate what Sub-Zero is doing here and to show that literally, in the face of danger, it has no problem. “

Then comes the first of many scenes confirming that there will be no shortage of violence or blood in the movie, as Sub-Zero proceeds to freeze Jax’s arms and then completely rips them apart. Now video gamers would know that Jax’s origin story sets out two alternate ways that Jax lost his arms and ended up with his iconic bionic extensions: in the original timeline he lost his arms in a fight with Prince Goro and in MK 2011’s alternate timeline, Ermac ripped them off telekinetically. But according to the Mortal Kombat trailer, Jax loses his arms due to Sub-Zero.

“In this movie, we needed to push some certain characters and narratives, and since [Jax losing his arms] It had been done in two different ways in the past, we felt like we had a bit of a license to do it again here, “McQuoid said.” We’ve really tried to be very sincere and true to the canon where we can be, but every now and then, we might deviate a bit from where we thought it was okay to do so. “

Reboot’s Sub-Zero is the main villain of the story

In a video game, there are two versions of Sub-Zero: one is Bi-Han, who is primarily a villain, and his younger brother, Kuai Lang, who takes a more positive approach when he becomes Sub-Zero and even befriends his brother’s nemesis. , Scorpio. But McQuoid has clarified that we won’t be seeing a mixed version of the two characters, so Sib-Zero eventually becomes a hero by the end of the movie. He has confirmed that the killer of the reboot is the original Sub-Zero, that is, Bi-Han and he is going to be the main antagonist.

Scorpion’s new look

In video games, Scorpion is depicted in a proper ninja outfit, but Mortal Kombat he’s obviously looking for a more samurai look.

“Hiroyuki Sanada was really incredibly helpful in understanding the Japanese history of this character. We really wanted to be very true to his heritage and make him feel very genuine. That is really why he was born out of this samurai touch about it. Obviously There have been many, many versions of the Scorpion costume and appearance, but out of authenticity came this version of Scorpion that felt real, but also very powerful. “

“[Scorpion’s costume] he needed to have the armor plated with the details and he had a kind of dignity and elegance that matched his character from the beginning, “he added.

Scorpion vs Sub-Zero

It is the Scorpion and Sub-Zero rivalry that is the most crucial part in video games and the reboot of the live action will also follow a similar pattern when we see Hanzo Hasashi, also known as Scorpion, facing a deadly attack from clan members. Lin Kuei. .

“It really is about seeing [Scorpion’s] evolution on screen and the ingredients, both emotional and physical, of why he becomes a Scorpio. And that is explained throughout the beginning of our movie. And it’s a pretty brutal and nasty fight. “

But aside from its appearance, everything else has been designed in accordance with video games, such as Scorpion’s signature “spear.”

“We did a little research on what a kunai really is, and originally, not exclusively, it was often used as a gardening tool in 14th century Japan,” McQuoid explained. “That’s why [Scorpion] he has the kunai at the end of that string because that’s all he has at the time. You’ll see how it adapts and turns that rope and gardening tool into a pretty lethal weapon that really does the job. “

But the costumes, props, and special effects can be ineffective if the actors don’t play their part wholeheartedly. McQuoid wanted the characters of Scorpion and Sub-Zero to be defined by more than just their powers, and thankfully both actors exceeded his expectations.

“Joe Taslim did an amazing job [as Sub-Zero.] He represented Indonesia in judo, so the boy is an athlete and he shows it, and the presence he gave that character was simply extraordinary, “he shared.” [Scorpion actor] Hiroyuki Sanada is a very, very talented swordsman and athlete in his own way. The physicality between these two guys was quite extraordinary to see. Only years and years of experience and ability to make these movements were built into them. … That level of brutality and physicality is what I wanted to bring to the movie, and those guys certainly pulled it off. “

Mortal Kombat It will be released in theaters and on HBO Max this April 16. The news comes to us through IGN.

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