Zach Galifianakis became a rising star with his portrayal of the eccentric Alan on The Hangover. But sibling comedy is full of funny characters.

One of the best raunchy comedies ever made, The hangover It far exceeded Warner Bros. ‘wildest expectations when it became the highest grossing R-rated comedy in US box office history with a worldwide gross of more than $ 400 million. It was praised by critics and won the Golden Globe for Best Film – Musical or Comedy.

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Alan Garner, the future brother-in-law of the missing boyfriend played by Zach Galifianakis, is possibly the funniest character in the movie. It was no wonder when he took the spotlight in the aftermath. But The hangover has a lot of fun characters to offer.

10 Alan is the funniest: Zach Galifianakis steals every scene

Zach Galifianakis as Alan Garner in The Hangover

Zach Galifianakis’ outstanding performance in The hangover made him one of the biggest comedy stars overnight. Before landing the role of Alan, Galifianakis was known only to fans of niche comedy for his wacky alternative routines.

All that changed after The hangover hit theaters. Like Melissa McCarthy’s Oscar nominee Bridesmaids, Galifianakis became a profitable movie star with a supporting role by stealing every scene she was in.

9 Alternative: Dr. Valsh

Phil pestering a clearly busy Dr. Valsh at the hospital

Dr. Valsh only appears in one scene in The hangover, when the boys go down to the hospital to see if Doug is there, but he leaves a lasting impression. He has played for VeepMatt Walsh, a frequent contributor to Todd Phillips.

Walsh brought a hilariously deadpan quality to his line deliveries. After Dr. Valsh tells the boys that they were talking about the Best Little Chapel, Phil asks where it is and the doctor says dryly, “It’s in the corner of ‘get a map’ and ‘f * ck off'” .

8 Alan is the funniest: the rest of the cast are straight men to his antics

Zach Galifianakis in The Hangover

Outside the central quartet in The hangoverAlan is the only one who is not an ordinary man to some extent. Phil, Stu, and Doug are more or less regular guys looking forward to a weekend of partying in Las Vegas.

Alan, who unexpectedly accompanies them, turns the three of them into straight men in his crazy antics. This interaction with Stu is a good example: “You are literally too stupid to insult.” “Thank you.”

7 Alternative: Phil

Phil at The Hangover

While Zach Galifianakis is the funniest member of the cast The hangoverBradley Cooper is the traditional lead in the film. Phil is a school teacher who steals money from his students to gamble in Las Vegas.

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He is hysterically immature. When one of his students tries to ask him a question outside of school, he says, “It’s the weekend, Budnick. I do not know you. You do not exist.”

6 Alan is the funniest – his idiocy is amazing

Alan in The Hangover

From Homer Simpson to Frank Drebin, idiocy is a common trait of comedy characters, because stupidity will always be fun.

In The hangover, Alan’s stupidity is really amazing. For example, when they check into Caesars Palace, Alan asks if the real Julius Caesar used to live there.

5 Alternative: Jade

Jade at The Hangover

One of the wildest antics guys do the night everyone forgets is marrying a stripper. Stu learns that he met a dancer named Jade at a strip club and when his shift was over, they went to a wedding chapel and got married, and then she left her baby with them.

Heather Graham plays the role brilliantly. The role was initially offered to Lindsay Lohan, but she rejected it.

4 Alan is the funniest – he’s the outsider

Zach Galifianakis as Alan in The Hangover

While Phil, Stu, and Doug are lifelong best friends, Alan only knows that Doug is his fiancée’s brother and never met Phil or Stu before they all embarked on a road trip to Las Vegas.

This makes Alan the outsider to the group, making him painfully identifiable and also opening him up to more jokes, as all of his awkward interactions are his first impressions of his new friends.

3 Alternative: Stu

Stu at The Hangover

As a mild-mannered dentist trapped in a toxic relationship, Stu is the character who goes the most against his own nature, or what he thinks is his nature, when gang night in Vegas turns much wilder than ever. what any of them expected.

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He marries a stripper and gets one of his own teeth pulled. This set a precedent for Stu to do increasingly outrageous things in the aftermath, like getting a Mike Tyson tattoo on his face.

2 Alan is the funniest: he is the joker of the movie

Alan Garner in The Hangover

Alan is The hangoverwildcard. Whenever the movie wants to surprise the audience or keep things fresh, it can use Alan. He always makes boring show scenes fun by mentioning something like the legality of masturbating on an airplane.

The movie’s big twist reveals that Alan tricked his new friends into having a great night. As the wild card of the story, Alan is naturally the funniest part of the whole.

one Alternative: Mr. Chow

Mr Chow in The Hangover

A very close second to the title of the funniest character in The hangover is Leslie Chow, played by Ken Jeong, who was so memorable in his short scenes in this film that he managed to be on an equal footing with the main cast in the sequels.

Mr. Chow is a ruthless gangster, but Jeong plays him with a cheeky campness and lots of memorable lines: “Toodle-oo, motherfuckers!”

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