The legend of Zelda has been capturing gamers’ imaginations since the first game was released in February 1986. With the franchise gaining new fans from left to right, perhaps now is a good time for The Hero of Time to move from Nintendo consoles to the big screen.

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Talk about a Zelda The movie has been shooting for years, but instead of asking if Nintendo will make one, they should be wondering if they should. With all the goodwill the franchise has, is it really a wise decision to try to make a movie based on the games?

10 Should: We’ve all forgotten the Super Mario Bros. movie.

Perhaps the main reason Nintendo has been reluctant to produce a Zelda The film is due to the failure of Super Mario Bros. The film’s production was a disaster and the end result was far from critical acclaim.

Despite this, the movie was released a long time ago, so enough time has passed since the movie’s failure. At the time, productions based on seemingly niche media like Marvel Comics have proven successful, so perhaps it’s time for Nintendo to request releases.

9 Shouldn’t: Well … not all of us have

Bob Hoskins was not kind to his frustrations when he described how much I hated doing Super Mario Bros. In her words, the film “had a husband and wife leading the team, whose arrogance had been mistaken for talent. After so many weeks, their own agent told them to get off the set!”

Although it’s been a long time since Super Mario Bros. bombed at the box office, it seems like Hollywood hasn’t learned its lesson since. Since most video game movies are total garbage, maybe Nintendo should take this into account before jumping into a Zelda movie.

8 Should: Box office potential

Today The legend of Zelda The fan base has expanded substantially, even with Hollywood’s golden kids singing the praises of the franchise. With an ever-expanding community of fans, the franchise is a sure bet for box office success.

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Even if a Zelda If the film fails with critics, chances are high that it will be a box office success. While the movie would have struggled if it had been made in the franchise’s early days, the movie would have better chances in a post-Marvel Studios world.

7 Shouldn’t: too complex

Zelda It’s always been a series with non-linear narratives, but that can hurt the franchise’s chances of getting a movie. With multiple dungeons, locations, enemies, and even timelines that comprise its extensive canon, Zelda it may be too complex to turn into a movie.

Eliminating the narrative could risk the movie not feeling like a real one Zelda story, a similar problem that I would share with other video game adaptations. While its core elements could easily be translated, the rest of From Zelda luggage can be considered a risk.

6 Should: Can work in animation or live action

No matter which way the movie goes, one thing Zelda has in its favor the ease with which it can exchange artistic styles. The games have had hyper-realistic graphics, cartoon graphics, cell-shaded graphics, but they all still feel like Zelda.

A Zelda The movie could be made live or in animation, both being viable options that could really show the advantages of the franchise. As long as history maintains what it does Zelda so special that everything will fall into place.

5 Shouldn’t: Where do they start?

Yes The history of Hyrule try anything, is that the Zelda The story is an absolute disaster. From Zelda the timeline has more restarts than the Spiderman franchise at this point, making it frustrating to figure out where to go with a movie.

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Not only this, but each game goes in very different directions to tell similar stories, which may explain why. Breath of the wild takes place outside of the timeline. With an almost infinite number of starting points, there’s a chance Nintendo won’t pick any of them.

4 Should: IGN has shown it could work

Trolling epically Zelda fan base, IGN released a very compelling trailer for a The legend of Zelda movie Like an April 1st joke While the trailer was bogus, it does give fans a good impression of what the movie might look like.

What the trailer showed was promising and it looked really impressive from a visual point of view. While the movie shouldn’t just copy what the trailer did, it would almost certainly do its thing, IGN pretty much gave Nintendo a free plan for what is a Zelda movie could be.

3 Shouldn’t: Where do you go after Ganondorf?

Ganondorf would more than likely be the villain of a Zelda film, but its impression damages the franchise potential of the series. Simply put, Ganondorf is the villain of Zelda franchise, with most of the other main villains being forgettable with only two notable exceptions.

majora mask It would be a good fit to suit as the sequel to the movie, with the gameplay featuring two villains causing many players nightmares in both Majora’s Mask and The Moon. That being said, Nintendo is unlikely to settle for a simple duology if they fully committed to filmmaking.

2 Should: The franchise has defied much worse

the Zelda CDI games will not win prizes anytime soon, and all three are considered low points in the Zelda franchise. Nonetheless, the franchise didn’t die with The Phillips CDI, still thriving to this day.

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Regardless of the fact that the Zelda CDI games are YouTube Poop fodder these days, they show just how thick the skin of the franchise is. The legend of Zelda It would live on even if a movie based on the franchise were a flop, as its ability to survive has been proven.

one Shouldn’t: the link should remain silent

Link is one of the most iconic heroes in video games, but his portrayal in the Zelda The series can be an obstacle that a movie can have problems with. Even in Breath of the wild where finally all the characters received voices, Link remained silent.

The silent protagonists have a mixed reception in the games, with a certain feeling that they are not interesting. It may be good that Link is silent, since the two times he has received a voice have been terrible, but it can be impossible for a Zelda movie to make a Silent Link attractive to a non-gaming audience.

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