A look at some of the weirder official campaign settings created for Dungeon & Dragons, many of which came out of the usual fantasy mold.

Most of the official campaign settings for Dungeons and Dragons adhere to the classic archetypes of western fantasy; the worlds of Gray hawk, Dragonlance, and the Forgotten kingdoms They are full of forests, mountains and farmland, where humans, elves, dwarves and other humanoid races go on magical adventures. The next D&D The campaign setting, by contrast, delves into strange territory, plunging tabletop players into strange worlds with elements of science fiction, hostile desert environments, and existential philosophy.

Classic stories like The Lord of the rings Y Conan the barbarian it established the appearance of western fantasy. However, it was the success of Dungeons and Dragons, the first fantasy role-playing game, which popularized the archetypal western fantasy world seen in media such as Ancient documents Y Dragon quest – a medieval setting with elves living in forests, dwarves mining mountains, wizards studying in towers, and dark lords who must be defeated by heroic adventurers.

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Three out of four D&D the campaign setup shown below was designed by D&D writers in the late 1980s, during the era of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Second Edition. Some of these settings were updated for later editions of D&D, while others simply joined the larger framework of the Dungeons and Dragons multiverse, becoming strange places that adventurer groups could visit by traveling through the Astral Planes. What makes these campaign setups special is how they expanded the possible range of stories D&D I could tell, making the world’s first fantasy RPG more than just a “standard fantasy” simulator.

Strange D&D Scenarios: Planescape

D&D Strange Planescape Scenarios

The central town of the Planescape The setting for the campaign is Sigil, the City of Doors, a Gothic metropolis that spans one dimension in the center of the city. D&D multiverse: a place where belief and conviction can reshape reality. Various political factions in the city engage in philosophical knife fights over the true nature of existence, while Sigil’s chief authority, the terrifying and mysterious Lady of Pain, forbids gods and goddesses from entering Sigil (and brutally murders to anyone who tries to worship her). the Planescape The campaign setup ended up featuring character races such as Tieflings, Githzerai, and Aasimar, while also forming the basis for the acclaimed Planescape: Torment Computer RPG.

Strange D&D Scenarios: Eberron

Eberron Dungeons and Dragons

Most tabletop fantasy scenarios tend to get stuck in a kind of technological stalemate, where centuries can pass without significant advancement or, for that matter, even the invention of new spells. Not so for Eberron, to D&D fantasy setting created by Keith Baker, famous for popularizing the fantasy sub-genre “Dungeon Punk”, where magic is used to create an industrial society. In most Eberron In RPG campaigns, player characters start out as veterans of a global conflict known as the Last War, and now use their fighting skills, stealth, spells, and diplomacy to engage in mercenary work and go on adventures. the Eberron The environment introduced the Artificer class to D&D – a wizard who infuses magic into tools and potions – and Warforged, a race of military machines seeking a new purpose after the war for which they were built.

Strange D&D Scenarios: Dark Sun

D&D Strange Dark Sun Scenarios

Inspired by planetary romance sagas and post-apocalyptic stories, the world of Athas, centerpiece of the Dark Sun D&D tent setup, not a fun place to live. The pantheons of god that watched over Athas are dead to begin with. Furthermore, the “Defiler” mages, who consumed energy from nature to fuel their magic, have reduced Athas to a directly scorched desert landscape. Dune, dominated by imperious city-states and cruel and immortal sorcerer kings who control the remaining water reserves. The Athas Desert is full of scorched sand plains, herds of predatory insects, carnivorous plants, and medium cannibals. A key feature of the Dark Sun The setting, in addition to the stories about tough decisions to survive, is his emphasis on psionic powers as a substitute for arcane magic.

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Weird D&D setup: Spelljammer

spelljammer D&D dungeons and dragons sci-fi

The owner “Spelljammers” from D&D‘s Spelljammer The setting is basically magical spaceships, flying through a cosmos with planets surrounded by glass spheres (a concept directly inspired by the “Celestial Sphere” theories popularized by Plato and Aristotle). Through Spelljammers, adventure groups can essentially travel between different D&D campaign setups, fending off magical space pirates and hostile cosmic lifeforms in general. Wizards Of The Coast has not yet updated the Spelljammer setup for 5e, but ideas have leaked elsewhere Dungeons and Dragons works over the years: for example, the Nautiloid ship controlled by a Mind Skinner seen in the opening kinematics Baldur’s Gate 3 he is a Spelljammer in all but name.

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