Me & Roboco serves the current generation a good portion of old-school gag manga, something that is very similar to the classic manga series, Doraemon.

Fujio Fujiko’s Doraemon It is a recognized classic in the world of manga. The series has more than 800 chapters and ran for more than 25 years. During that period, he manages to rack up multiple awards, including the prestigious Shogakukan Manga Award. Not only that, he is also the first great winner of the Tezuka Osamu Cultural Award. Subsequent award winners include Naoki Urusawa for Monster Y Pluto, Yasuhisa Hara for Kingdomand Satoru Noda for Golden kamuy. After being well received by the masses, Doraemon it has been adapted into various media in other ways. Its popularity still persists today, and there are still some Doraemon movies that come out from time to time. The last one is Doraemon: Nobita’s Little Star Wars 2021, which is a remake of the original 1985 film. Needless to say, the series has been and continues to be a huge success inside and outside of Japan.

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DoraemonThe plot revolves around the main character, a robot cat from the future who tries to save his owner’s ancestor from living a pitiful life. Nobita’s descendants from the future are not so impressed with the way he lived his life to the point of sending a robot cat back in time just to guide him to the right path. However, Doraemon isn’t exactly the best robot helper either. Instead of giving Nobita futuristic training or all that, he just digs up gadgets from the future to solve Nobita’s predicaments. Therefore, the life of Doraemon and Nobita is full of (mis) adventures. Doraemon is a joke manga with no fixed plot, although there are some characters introduced in the later parts of the series. However, those characters are far away and few in number, so they really don’t have much of an impact. The chapters of this manga follow a certain structure. It almost always starts when Nobita is in trouble. This is because he has done something stupid, is jealous about something, or is being bullied by Suneo and Takeshi. However, Doraemon will bring out some device from the future. The devices that Doraemon presents are not just ordinary technology. Each of the devices has a futuristic ability. For example, the Dragonfly helicopter allows them to fly simply by attaching it to any part of the body. Finally, the end comes. This is the most unpredictable part of the chapter, as it always ends with some kind of twist.

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Me and Roboco (Japanese title: Boku to Roboko) is a fairly new manga series serialized in Weekly Shonen Jumpand is available digitally in English at Viz Media. His first chapter came out last July, and everything about him screams Doraemon. This is not just a mere coincidence. In fact, Me and RobocoThe cover of the first volume is a parody of Doraemon. Like Doraemon, Me and Roboco is a joke manga with no set destination. The series focuses more on its comedy and its surprisingly healthy plot. Similar to Doraemon, or it may be more appropriate to say inspired by Doraemon, Me and Roboco follow a master and robot duo. The series is set in a world where cleaning robots called orderlies are a common good. Bondo Taira, a boy and the protagonist, also wants to have his own robot maid. However, they are too poor to afford one. But with some conviction, he gets his mom to agree and get them a maid. However, the story does not end there yet. For some reason, Bondo’s mother, in some way, the maid they have received is nothing like the others. Roboco, a clumsy and super-powered maiden of order, turns out not to have a shred of skill that a true maiden of order possesses.


The other characters in the series are also heavily inspired by Doraemon. Bondo’s thugs, Gachigorilla and Motsuo Kaneo, are basically from the same tree as Nobita, Suneo and Takeshi’s thugs. Even Bondo’s crush, Madokaaaa, is similar to Nobita’s crush, Shizuka. Being a parody manga and getting approval from the editors assigned to said series, Me and Roboco He doesn’t even bother to hide this kind of thing. However, the similarities between the two end there. Although their characteristics and quirks are similar to Suneo and Takeshi, Gachigorilla and Motsuo are surprisingly healthy. Even the way they “intimidate” Bondo is nothing more than a means to make Bondo smile or support him. They treasure their friendship and even go out of their way to make Bondo happy. Even Madokaaaa, the comic version of Shizuka, has various abilities. She is a master board game player whose face changes dramatically when she concentrates deeply. Last but not least, Roboco doesn’t have Doraemon’s magic pocket either. She doesn’t create gadget after gadget Doraemon. Instead, it is fully equipped with various features and weapons that generally get the job done in one way or another.

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DoraemonThe humor is rooted in the stupid ways Nobita gets into trouble, as well as the way Doraemon and his device help Nobita solve his dilemma. But that is not all. The unexpected plot twists surprisingly add comic value to the series. Similary, Me and Roboco it also follows the same format. However, his comedy is not based on plot alone. Instead, it’s based more on breaking the fourth wall and metafictional jokes, which will make even dead Pool proud. Not only that, Me and Roboco He also loves to do parodies of different esteemed manga, which are mostly serialized titles in Weekly Shonen Jump. The series has already made several references to classics such as One piece, slam dunk, Dragon Ball, and much more. There’s even a chapter in which the series explicitly admits that parodies and references are its bloodline. But even though he claims that, Me and Roboco He has already established his own comedy firm. It is no longer a mere Doraemon parody, and now it’s more like a Doraemon for the current generation.

With the rise of titles like Undead Unluck, Jujutsu Kaisen, Y Black clover in recent Weekly Shonen Jump releases, the magazine is focusing a lot on the action fantasy genre. Granted that popular titles like My Hero Academia, One Piece, Y Naruto they have done statistically well, It is not an instruction manual for future titles. Even if the shonen genre is aimed at young children, the genre is not limited to fight scenes and adventures. It never was, it never is and hopefully it never will be, and series like Me and Roboco Remind everyone that shonen is about more than powers and fights. It’s both a breath of fresh air and a laughing treasure, especially for manga fans.

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